Friday, November 2, 2018

INDYCAR: The Fernando Soap Opera Continues

IMS Scoring pylon with Alonso's name displayed on 2017 Indy 500 Pole Day. (the Tomaso Collection)
But Surely Fernando's Coming to Americre' for  the 2019 IndyCar Season, Righto?

Recently, when reading; Err listening to Another Grizzled Journo's F1 Notebook's tomes, this one from Soggy Austin, I was fairly amused to hear this reputable Formula 1 Journalist mention that Fernando Alonso was in contention to run the 2019 Indianapolis 500 in a third car for Ed Carpenter Racing; Huh?

As I was 86% certain that when I'd read the Racer article awhile ago, it had confirmed Ed Jones as Jordan King's replacement for the Twistie's portion, nee Road and Street Courses aboard the No. 20 next year, while Team Owner FAST EDDIE' campaigns the Ovals.

And that Scuderia Corsa is joining forces with Ed Carpenter Racing and will run a third Dallara-Chevrolet at Indianapolis, the No. 64 for Jones, with Ed Carpenter in the #20 and Spencer Pigot in the #21.

Although it's easy for me to say now, how initially I thought this melding of two racing operations was a bit Odd, as I still don't know if Scuderia Corsa's just cutting Ed a Cheque? But it makes sense with the announcement afterwards that ECR's longtime sponsor's pulling the plug...

But back to our current "Villain" at Hand, Eh? As Me Thinks perhaps some of this Fernando driving for TG' & Company's race team conjecture apparently was spurred by the previous rumours denoting Alonso's tarnished relationship with Honda, after mocking them ceaselessly over the course of their Formula 1 engine partnership, whilst le Reggie', nee Renault's PU hasn't exactly pushed them up front this year.

But then again how much of McLaren's current woes are chassis induced instead? As the B-I-G BULLZ', nee Red Bulls haven't exactly been slouches this season, with Max Verstappen racing his way from P18 to runner-up at the just concluded USGP at COTA, where Daniel Ricciardo qualified P4.

Not to mention the Tour de Force performance Red Bull displayed at Mexico City, with Red Bull 1-2 and Renault 7th & 9th in Qualie', with Fernando P12. Before Alonso was the race's first retirement whilst Max Verstappen led Flag-to-Flag en route to his fifth F1 victory...

Thus, if I had to guess, going upon what Rob Edwards was also quoted saying recently in Racer, Andretti Autosport will almost definitely run an extra car or two at Indy this coming May per their usual Six Pack Armada of Indy Cars.

Hence, this would seem the most likely destination for Alonso to land, if he runs the 2019 Indy 500, which I'm expecting him to do so. But if the Hondre' engine angle's an issue, then why couldn't Mikey A'; Uhm, I meant George Steinbrenner IV wrangle up an Indy Only Chevy engine lease and run a third Bowtie Harding Steinbrenner Racing entry next May at Mother Speedway for the popular Spaniard, Ci?

And what sent me into typing madly once again were two thingys', first the apparent misinformation about Alonso at ECR and then coincidently, Indy Cars OLD-est Blogger; Hya! Geo. Phillips noting correctly how Fernando's been Toying with the Heartstrings 'O IndyCar Fans and Reporters  via the Media's various outlets, which seems mostly to keep his Ego inflated!

As I'll admit I swooned over Fernando's initial running at Indy, and felt his charm and enjoyment of participating in his first Month of May festivities were genuine. But at the same time, I've grown tired of his constant Bellyaching over whatever his latest excuses are  for the McLaren being such a Crapwagon!

Having even gone so far previously as to mention that perhaps part of McLaren's current woes are Fernando himself? While fellow F1 competitor Kevin Magnussen definitely isn't a Fan of his, going so far as to recently proclaim Alonso thinks He's God!

As I'll very unscientifically Speculate that Alonso indeed will run aboard an extra Andretti Autosport Honda powered chassis next May, with hopefully Andretti's other "One-off" Indy Specialist being Stefan Stork' Wilson.

But we'll have to wait 'N listen to Fernando toying with us another 246 Days 'till we know for certain, Eh? As Happy Halloween Fernando...

(Photo c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')