Friday, May 29, 2009

Indy Car Fodder

, Just a few quick tidbits here... As some of you may be pondering Tomas “Rockem Sockem” Scheckter’s decision to drive for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing this weekend instead of continuing with Dale Coyne Racing... When arriving back at my Hotel Danny noticed that two gleaming white DCR Semi-haulers were parked discretely at the rear of the parking lot... So of course we sauntered over and one of the Truck Driver’s informed us that one of the four Dallara/Honda chassis was to be returned to the IRL upon their return to Chicago, as it was actually an HVM Racing steed and hence I suspect this is partially responsible for Scheckter seeking employment elsewhere?

Meanwhile, conveniently lost in all of the George-Gate hi-steria... Was the fact that this year’s Indy 500’s television ratings dropped. (And I don’t think you can blame Versus since it was on some other channel, eh?) And although it was claimed that ratings were up in the local market for the tape delayed re-run, I can tell yuh that even though we had the Telescreen turned on, Dave, Rob and I saw nary a lick of it as we sat outside after a tremendous barbeque dinner prepared by Dave discussing other topics including the current plight of Formula 1 and when in the HELL will Max ‘N Bernie be given their walking papers...

Indy 500 TV Ratings decline

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  1. Sure you can blame Versus. The first three races of the season were on Versus, playing to a much smaller audience. Do you not understand how that would result in less people watching the 500?

    Surely you can see the promotional value of a TV broadcast. If not, I hope somebody can, or professional sports is in a lot of trouble. Why sponsor anything if broadcasting sports on TV has no promotional value.

    See what I'm getting at? The races leading up the 500 serve to promote subsequent broadcasts, including the 500, regardless of what station they are broadcast on. There were a lot more people watching those first three races last year.

    Seems pretty self evident to me, that's going to have an impact.