Monday, May 4, 2009

A somewhat quiet weekend

Its funny to think of the weekend just squandered, being considered a “Quiet” weekend due to the Formula 1 circus receiving a well deserved break, while the Indy Cars are all settling in for a month’s stay in Indiana. And thus, upon pulling significant seat time in front of the Telescreen, alas I fell fowl to Lee Jiffy’s words ‘O warning about being a Couch Potato this weekend. Since I’m not as technically savvy as Meesh pulling up live streams via le confuzer, nor able to see anything on a tiny 4X4 box, I instead stuck to the tried ‘N true methods of remote control itus...

Supercross throw down in Los Wages
I started the weekend’s gorging ‘O television by tuning into the AMA Supercross finale live from Las Vegas, NV, as I’ve become somewhat intrigued by these INSANE athletes... Thanks in large part to Jefford, who’s a Motorcycling nut, having acquired one of Ryan Dungee’s past “Scooters” for his son Dundee.

Thus, I’ve been pullin’ for Dungee to win this season’s Supercross Lites West title, which he accomplished prior to the East-West Shootout Saturday... In which he finished runner-up by mere inches.

I’ve also been somewhat interested in the made for TV Drama-fest between James “Bubbah” Stewart and Chad “Crocodile” Reed of which a simmering rift has widened over the season with the plethora of Dirty Tricks being played between the two of them, who’ve for the most part owned the season, being head ‘N shoulders above the majority of the field. And after some questionable team tactics in Salt Lake City, Reed was trying to do the impossible and come from behind a six point deficit in the final round.

Thus, I found it most enjoyable to see Paulsbo “Home Boy” Ryan Villopoto on Stewart’s ex-Kawasaki score his second victory of his rookie season, while Reed tried making Stewart crash into the tough bloc’s with an overly aggressive move while stalking Stewart, which wasn’t successful as Reed would finish second with Stewart winning his second Supercross title aboard Chad Reeds ex-Yamaha mount by ultimately finishing third...

New Jersey Soak-fest
Sunday morning I decided to endeavor in watching the Grand Am race live from New Jersey Motorsports Park, which unfortunately was under a deluge of precipitation... And I mean heavy rainfall, as the in-car camera showed a virtual whiteout as Mark Patterson nailed the suddenly slowing Ricky Taylor on the opening lap, causing considerable damage to his Michael Shank Racing Daytona Prototype, as the racing conditions were simply atrocious, as the drivers noted that you could only see about five feet ahead, with many noting looking out the side windows to find braking markers...

Of course much was made over “Uncle Scooter’s” over-indulgence of F-Bombs caught on David Donohue’s in-car camera after the two collided during the finish of the previous week’s race in Virginia. As it was wryly noted how that conversation would most likely not make its way into Scott Pruett’s Children books, eh?

And it was most ironic while pit reporter Brian Till was doing a segment on how rain and electronics DON’T mix, the Telescreen went blank! And then the picture cut out several more times before finally returning. As the Proto Auto Lola, a combined effort between Tracy Krohn and Lola, scored its maiden victory, as ex-Formula 1 piloto “Ricky” Ricardo Zonta simply motored away from his manager Max Angelelli, building up a 40 second lead in the precipitous conditions, as it helps to be ahead of the rooster tails, as Zonta had taken over from Nick Johnson, whose Nordic driving talents had paid off handsomely during the races opening stint, as the Lola’s superior downforce finally paid dividends for the team after developing the chassis the past few years, giving Krohn its first win since July, 2006.

Budget Cap This!
Taking a brief gander on the confuzer, (so much for not logging on Sunday) I noticed that once again Emperor Bernardo is flexing his muskcles, by stating that he’s decided that BRAWN GP will not receive the Honda $20 million prize money he’d promised them after all, since the team’s just doing a little too good for Bernie’s liking... Having even gone so far as saying that they should have kept Honda’s name, since Brawn doesn’t sound good to him!

Is there a Doctor in the House?
For the afternoon, I tuned into the Spanish MOTO GP event, of which I missed the starting segment, hence not knowing why The Kentucky Kid (Nicky Hayden) continued performing so badly... New Team/Bike blues? As unheralded Collin Edwards has completely outperformed him to date on a non-works machine.

And being in Spain, which reports have noted is worth an extra tenth or two for the Spanish riders, it was most impressive to see The Doctor (Valentino Rossi) simply run down Dani Pedrosa, pass him and motor off into the distance, while Ducatti’s Casey Stoner held onto the final podium spot after a late race scare from Pole Sitter Jorge Lorenzo, who crashed with four laps remaining while trying to run Stoner down for the final Jerez podium step...

Tracy’s new Tattoo
“BOSS! Dee Plane, Dee Plane!”

(Sorry ‘bout ‘dat, couldn’t resist, somme-thung to do ‘bout Tattoo’s, eh?)

Thus for my bug-eyed Telescreen nightcap, it struck me how once again, how time flies by as Bob Varsha was filling-in, with Robin Miller co-hosting Wind Tunnel as Ye ‘Ol windbag Dave Despain was taking only his second ever night off... As the trivia question was who was the first fill-in host? It was Ralph Sheheen way back in 2004 when Despain contracted laryngitis... As DAMN! Was it really five years ago when I watched that episode?

Of course I was most interested in the interview with Mr. Chrome Horn, whom seemed overly sedate with his interview, as I for one am looking forward to the Month ‘O May being over simply so we won’t have to hear about the 2002 INDY 500 controversy, eh? As its interesting how the results do seem a little bit skewed in favour of the Speedway...

Towards the end of the interview, Varsha noticed Tracy sportin’ a brand new “Tat.” When asked about it, PT responded that he’s had a LOT of Free time lately and not a lot to do... Which gathered laughter from both Varsha & Miller, as Tracy continued on saying that he’s been tinkering on his cars in his garage, etc. as I seem to recall that he’s also a Harley fan and has a few custom choppers, but just too much DAMN Free time on his hands lately...

Asked about Toronto, he bluntly stated that they need him to be there this year in order to sell tickets...

And they razzed him on his lack of performance in SPEED’s Fantasy Racing League, to which he replied; “I just pick the drivers I like.” And how it’s probably Bad Luck to pick himself for Indy since he really doesn’t like any of the drivers at Indy this year. Yuck-Yuck-Yuck... With Tracy stating, well I like Dario and Kanaan, but I’m NOT going ‘dare for NO STINKIN’ dancin’ contest!

And Miller who was sporting a Head Cold this evening, made the comment during the shows opening segment when a caller asked about why no Will Power at Kansas... That the rumour he’s been hearing is that Penske will farm out Power to his son Jay for Luczo Dragon Racing to run a two car entity after INDY... (But hey, this is only a rumour, eh?)

And for those of you North of the border, eh? With your magnificent TSN, you may be able to catch the Tracy segment buried somewhere on the SPEEDTV website page?