Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sarah Fisher on The Daily Show

Quick, before Pressdog sees this and scoops me again... As I’m spendin’ way too Muchoe time inside as its Sunny here... But just saw the Sarah Fisher piece from Indy while they’re waitin’ for the track to dry out and she mentioned that she’ll be appearing on The Daily show with John Stewart this coming Monday night... so set those DVR’s, VCR’s or even stay up late, eh? As Fisher cracked, if I can handle you guys (Versus) while being interviewed by "LyndieCar," (Lindy Thackston) then Stewart will be NO problem, replying to Lyndie’s question about John being tough upon his guests.

Oh, and wasn’t Bobby Unser a Hoot? Ah, C’mon Robbie you were drinking at age 10 in response to an Olsonite Eagle whiskey bottle that was put out in the late ‘70’s, to which Mr. Slippery Liquids says he still autographs today, but DON’T drink the whiskey as it was the cheapest stuff available they could find and that stuff will burn your whiskers off Robbie...