Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ferrari to quit F1 in 2010?

Perhaps you’ve caught wind of Ferrari’s statement to NOT enter the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship in 2010 unless the FIA rescinds the Budget Cap Formulae... Of which Toyota has previously stated it will not compete in a Two-tier Formula, along with Red Bull threatening to pull both of its teams and Renault having just followed Ferrari’s lead today, also stating its intent to walk away next season, while BMW and Mclaren are rumoured to have taken a similar stance. As this all seems to be in deference to Max Mosley publicly taking shots at the Scuderia by saying such inflammatory things like Formula 1 doesn’t need Ferrari! So I don’t know about you, but the endless dropping of Bombshells in the media of two Old men’s arm twisting to make a sport conform to their every whim is growing a tad bit tiresome to me...

FIA and Ferrari Row to Split F1?


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  2. Ah, dear old Ferrari. Dear old Bernie. I suspect that the cap will take place and it will be a great step in introducing new teams to F1. The Ferrari boys will just have to make the decision to see if they can still sell enough of their shiny red roadcars without the F1 circus.
    As they have more than enough advertising on the F1 team to run it in front of the tv cameras for free, I think that they will want to remain in the fold.
    Lola seem to be looking at next year plus several others, Bernie and Max seem to have the upper hand.

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