Friday, May 29, 2009

F1 Teams to remain in 2010?

As Y’all know by now, I’ve just returned from Indy and therefore am a bit behind on my scribbling’s, especially from Across the Pond, as I only caught fleeting images of the Monaco Grand Prix while hangin’ out in Speedway, IN and therefore have only briefly read that it now appears that the remaining nine current Formula 1 Constructors are set to file their applications for the 2010 season sometime today, while Williams had previously broken ranks when filing its 2010 application earlier this week and then being temporarily suspended from the FOTA. With the deadline for 2010 Team applications deadline being today and now apparently only three new grid slots up for grabs, who’ll be joining USGPE at the rear of the grid; could it be David Richards and Lola? Stay tuned to the never ending paint shaker hi-jinx of the Max ‘N Bernie show...

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