Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another enlightening Word Butcher’s question

Please forgive my delay in answering this question, but I’ve been a tad bit busy, eh? Most notably trying to put to bed my long awaited Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials Saga... Which morphed into a six part melody, as I became totally engrossed in this long forgotten era, not to mention going overboard on I500 qualifying news...

The Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials

And thus, without further ado, as I madly scramble to prepare for tripping the Light Fantastic in Speedway, IN, here’s the latest United Open Wheel Word Butcher’s Association question.

Weekly questione (5/03/09)
Whale there’s nothing’ likes a trips to the Doctor’s Office on Cinco de Mayo, as sadly “Mey-ic-coe” is getting HAMMERED (Virtually!) over some sorta influenza... HEY! Just like Bob Varsha said on Wind Tunnel bout Robin Miller’s cold... NO Swine flu jokes, please! But I digress...

"You have just started your own privateer Formula One team. You can pick any drivers and supplier's you want. Who do you pick?"

Without going into my really LONG rant over the current Machiavellian maneuverings of Sir MAXXUM and Emperor Bernardo, which I’ll save for a further day’s scribbling, so here’s my somewhat quick thought’s upon the possibility of becoming an F1 Privateer Constructor. (Move over Kenny & Peter!)

Since I’m a “Privateer,” I assume this means I’m running in the Budget Cap Formulae Ranks... And although the Cosworth looks likely to be the highest revving “Lump” for 2010, I’ll go elsewhere and not the obvious pick at the moment. (Mercedes Benz) No, I’ll take a Ferrari 057 V-8 Lump please, along with the assorted running gear, but NO Thanks on Maranello’s KERS hardware; I’ll take the Reggie’s version instead.

For Driver’s this is an even harder decision... As there’s too many to choose from, i.e.; World Champions, Up ‘N Comer’s or Mid-packers; as my first pick is simple, it’s who his teammate is that’s the tough part! As Piloto Numero Uno Hands Down is the young German “Vunderkin” ‘Zebb, a.k.a.Sebastian Vettel, but who shall I pick next?

Obviously you’d have to think Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Robert Kubica, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen would be at the top of your shopping list, eh? While Sebastian Boomi, Nico Rosberg and Adrian Sutil would be Dark horses and Louise JAGUAR” Hamilton would be a great fit, but I’m NOT impressed by the recent “Ly-Gate” Shenanigan’s. Which Ferdi the Putz (F. Alonso) has also had his share of maliciousness previously and The Iceman (K. Raikkonen) has recently confessed that the Scuderia will be his final racing team. And I’m a huge fan of BLOODY ‘JENE’s (J. Button) but he’s getting a bit up there, which leaves me choosing between The Krakow Kid (R. Kubica) and the not so Cool Hand Luc Felipe Massa, as I really enjoy Kubica’s frankness and outright speed when he’s matched with a decent chassis, but since I’m sporting Italian powerplants I’ll go with the Hearts on his sleeves Brazilian, Messer Phil, (Massa) although I’m having second thoughts after his apparent meltdowns over the radio this season when under pressure and perhaps one Mister Button wouldn’t be such a terrible choice either? C’mon Phil, get a grip...

“Immer Ferrari!”

As I’d like to tell MAD Max to stick a fork in it, Mate. Saying such outrageous things like Formula 1 doesn’t need Ferrari; Ha! Get a clue Sir MAXXUM! And when are you & Emperor Bernardo gonna take a Pay Cut, eh?