Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back from Indy

And I tell Yuhs... It ain’t no fun to be back home again... As I had a most enjoyable time hangin’ out in Speedway, Indiana, getting treated like a V.I.P. at the race track... Can I get that door for you Mr. Tomaso? Of course now comes the hard part, where’ I’ve gotta try scribblin’ furiously to put my massive collection of hopefully somewhat legible notes into words of a somewhat entertaining fashion... Uh, you know Tomaso, there’s these high tech gadget thingy’s called tape recorders... Why yes, Jeffrey, I managed to leave mine at home along with my business cards...

Thus after a leisurely brunch prior to Danny taking me to Indianapolis International Airport, which what a massive improvement the new Airport is over the old one, that my Visually Impaired (Blind) Assist at the Airport informed me It was 50 years old and they’d broken ground for the new Airport in 1975... But first had to move Interstate 70!

Thus we dropped by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Administration building to thank the fine folks who’d been so helpful to me during my first ever INDY 500, as although Krabitz of AM1070’s The Fan has taken to calling them the overly Officious “Yellow Jackets,” I found everyone on the Speedway grounds to be overly courteous to Mwah...

And thus as we arrived, Danny noticed a “live” News truck crew on the grounds, which happened to be from WRTV6, the local ABC affiliate. Hmm? What’s going’ on? As on the opposite side of the parking lot was the similar News van from WISH TV 8, to which Danny said; “Something Big is going on here. They don’t send two News crews out for a follow-up story on Race attendance, etc.”

So sarcastically I said; perhaps the league is announcing its new title sponsor? NO! Danny retorted. Thus next I quipped; whale may be the Mayor is presenting Tony George with a key to the city for doing such an outstanding job this year then? Ahh yeah, right?

So we went inside and met our party we’d wished to say Thanks to and Danny asked her what’s going on out there? And she categorically said “I’ve got NOTHING!” (I KNOW NOTHING! I SEE NOTHING! ROUST, ROUST!) So we said our goodbyes and left the building and Danny stopped to ask one of the Cameramen what’s going On? Well we’ve got an UNCONFIRMED report that Tony George has been ousted as the CEO of IMS by the Board in a meeting held Tuesday night... HOLY SHIT BATMAN! Where’d the report come from? It’s from SPEED TV. Oh? Was it written by Robin Miller? Why yes it was but we cannot confirm anything at the moment... We’ve tried contacting (Attorney) Jack Snider but he’s not answering his phone. Nobody’s answering their phone at the moment and we can’t run a story until we’ve confirmed it... So I told the reporter standing by that it was SHOCKING! And I’m probably one of Liddul T’s biggest critic’s... Whale Otay, there’s probably harsher, but I’m NOT exactly a fan of his... So would you like to go on the record and do an interview with us? Uhm, NO Thanks... Yeah I know, I missed my 15 Mine-nutes ‘O Fame... But I’d just had the good fortune of being interviewed on Autosport Radio with Don Kay the night before and really didn’t know what exactly was going on with the whole Tony G. situation, nor have I read Robin Miller’s breaking story which certainly set the town abuzz before I hopped upon that big ‘Ol Jetliner to Seattle as Stevie “Gee-tar” Miller once sang many Moons ago. And thus it was certainly interesting to puruse the Indiana AP Newswire and IndyStar this morning to hear the latest developments...

To read Robin Miller’s breaking story see; Transition coming at IMS


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At a regular meeting of the board of directors of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Tuesday, May 26, board members asked Tony George, chief executive officer of the IMS companies, to devise a plan for management of Hulman & Company, the Indy Racing League, Clabber Girl and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that would allow him to focus on the business which requires the greatest attention. This plan is to be presented to the board at a meeting later this year.

Tony George said: “Contrary to published reports, I continue to serve as CEO of IMS. Our board of directors met yesterday, and we did discuss how to best confront challenges and exploit opportunities facing our businesses. This is nothing new and is something that we continually do as a board. But no changes in leadership or responsibility have been made. We don’t normally comment on board deliberations concerning our family business. However, the widespread, inaccurate reports and rumors caused my mother and me to conclude that it was necessary to set the record straight. If changes are made in the management of the company that are newsworthy, we will announce them when they are made.”

(Source: IMS2009)

For more on Tony George’s response to Miller’s report, see; George: I'm still IMS CEO

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