Friday, September 15, 2023

Stop the Hate, Argentina!

As Come on IndyCar Fans, we’re Better than this…


IndyCar Fans certainly are aware of the vengeful, despicable and disgusting attacks directed towards Callam Ilott once again on social media following the conclusion of Laguna Seca’s season finale IndyCar race.


As the maelstrom once again swirls around another on-track incident involving Juncos Hollinger Racing (JHR) teammates Callum Ilott and Agustin Canapino, and JHR’s desires for Canapino to claim one of the final remaining IndyCar Leaders Circle prize fund payouts for next year.


“Read”, Err listened to a very good article by IndyStar’s Motorsports Beat reporter Nathan Browne on the whole situation and came away with a few thoughts upon it.


First ‘n foremost, the team never told Ilott He couldn’t pass His teammate. Instead, Riccardo Juncos just told Ilott’s Engineer to remind Him to respect Canapino’s position on-track regarding JHR’s need to secure it’s second Leaders Circle payout.


According to Browne, since I never heard anything when listening to the race on IndyCar Radio. But perhaps I’d taken another “Potty” break during the endless Full course Cautions, Ci?


Apparently the JHR duo were running P4-5 with Canapino ahead of Ilott on the lap-74 restart, when Ilott lined-up His teammate and made a textbook pass on the outside of Canapino and left the Argentine room when completing His pass for what potentially could have been a race win…


Yet Canapino apparently got loose when clipping the rumble-strip, wiggled and then Hit Ilott’s left rear tyre with His right front wing, leaving Canapino with a broken wing and Ilott with monor rear damage!


Seeing Ilott immediately drop two places behind, and losing another two before scoring a fifth place finish, whilst Canapino slowly dropped backwards – finishing 14th. But claimed the coveted Leaders Circle prize by finishing 21st Overall in the Leaders Circle standings, before All Hell broke loose again on Social Media!


Look I get it, being a passionate fan, which I myself am, and have most certainly written many stupid things upon No Fenders over the years. But it’s a far different thing to make threats alluding to physical Harm!


I have been very impressed with Augustin’s rookie IndyCar campaign, especially since the Touring Car Ace had no Open Wheel Racing experience,along with never racing on an Oval before, and is my rookie Of the Year!


While I’ve always been impressed with Riccardo Junco’s story of becoming an IndyCar team owner, and this has been one of the “little” teams I root for…


Yet I came away feeling slightly annoyed with Riccardo whom tended to insinuate in the article that the incident was completely Ilott’s fault, implying He doesn’t like having a driver going for wins! And that He wanted to Slow down Ilott instead. And that there appears to be some “Bad Blood” between the team, Canapino and Ilott.


But the part of the story I really didn’t like was Riccardo noting how He holds options upon both drivers which don’t expire until December 15th. Meaning He could leave Callam hanging in the breeze by dropping the talented Englishman after the music stops for remaining 2024 IndyCar seats…


Yet to Riccardo’s credit, He did say He’ll wait until He calms down and watches the videotape of the incident, which sounds to Mwah like it was clearly Canapino’s fault! Since as far as I can tell, Ilott didn’t break the golden rule of Not taking out your teammate! Although it sounds like both Riccardo and Augustin are claiming that Ilott surprised the Argentinian driver…