Thursday, September 7, 2023

Racing to Redemption?

As sing it Aretha! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


According to the Marion Webster Dictionary, the definition for the word Redemption is,


“The act, process or an instance of redeeming”


While the Oxford languages definition from Ye All knowing Intrawoods’ (interent) is as follows,


“The act of saving or being saved from sin, error or evil”


As you may be wondering why I’ve started today’s No Fenders story with those two definitions? But the word has been “Haunting” me ever since reading Racer’s Marshall Pruett’s very insightful story upon Juri Vips return to a racing car cockpit. With Vips being tabbed to drive the No. 30 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing entry for the season’s final two rounds, i.e.; Portland and Laguna Seca.


Presumably Y’all know about how the Estonian, then a Red bull Junior Team member, Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri Formula 1 reserve driver – potentially headed to Formula 1 used the same racial slur during a Twitch gaming session that Kyle Larson had previously done Himself!


Now I realize we All do very stupid things when we’re young and presumably na├»ve?


With Larson having rightly been suspended indefinitely by chip Ganassi Racing as a NASCAR Cup driver on April 3, 2020 for having used the same racial Slur during an i Racing event the day before.


Thus when Vips used the same racial Slur some two years later, and claimed He didn’t know of it’s significance, I struggle to comprehend that excuse!


Since I know that Larson’s justified Firing from Chip Ganassi Racing shocked me and sent Shock Waves thru the racing world! Especially since it was during the height of the COVID-19 “Lockdown” and surely made news Headlines around the world!


As Red Bull rightly terminated vips contract on June 28, 2022, for which the Estonian driver’s career went into a tailspin.


What’s Od to me is how Larson couldn’t have been aware of the ramifications of using said racial Slur. Since although I probably don’t understand the full context of the situation. I personally feel that WISH-TV went upon a Witch Hunt to summarily fire then Racing Analyst Derek Daly Wayback’ in 2018!


As Daly was fired for having used the same racial Slur in a 1983 interview, which reportedly the “voice” of the Indianapolis Colts Bob Lamey recanted to a co-worker in August, 2018. With Lamey retiring immediately afterwards…


Whilst Derek’s son Conor suffered financially for His father’s past indiscretion, when Eli Lily withdrew Conor’s sponsorship for a NASCAR Xfinity road race at Road America…


Thus if your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso was aware of Derek Daly’s firing, surely Kyle Larson would have heard about it via His racing community circles, Righto?


Thus making me wonder how Vips wouldn’t have heard about Larson’s blaring indiscretion during the spring of 2020?


As we know, RLLR has now given Juri Vips a potential “Lifeline” to resurrect His once promising Open Wheel Racing career, for which I’ll let Y’all be the Judge upon whether or not Vips is the best suited candidate to fill the vacated No. 30 entry next year?


As I far more agree with Pruett’s assessment that vips would be wise to seek Graham Rahal’s advice upon the Act of Charitablly giving, be it volunteering, financial or however possible to improve Himself going forwards.


Which I realize is “Rich” of Mwah to suggest how once present themselves, after the litany of stupid mistakes I’ve made over my lifetime…


Ironically, Juri was making His IndyCar career debut at Portland International Raceway on the very same weekend that Myles Rowe became the first ever African American to win a Motor Racing series! When Rowe captured the 2023 USF Pro 2000 Championship Saturday with His second Podium of the weekend!


Rowe is part of Penske Entertainment’s Change for Equality program, and a member of the Force Indy project that also includes Ernie Francis, Jr.


As Rowe will graduate to the Indy NXT Championship next year, where Francis, Jr. currently competes, and hopefully will return for His third Indy NXT season. With both drivers ambitions set upon IndyCar.


Meanwhile, I found it even more ironic that Sunday night following the Portland IndyCar race. I listened to the New York Times Obituary of William “bill” Pinkney, a most fascinating person. As Pinkney became the first Black Sailor to successfully circumnavigate the world Solo via the treacherous Cape Horn route in 1992. A journey that took 22 months to complete!


As Pinkney noted in His 2006 Autobiography, the Seas doesn’t known what your Skin Colour is, Nor does it Care!