Monday, September 11, 2023

17B: No Fenders Turns the long forgotten Oriol Servia’s Car Number!

Tomaso trying not to disturb a contented Hang 10’ Hilo while seated  on His lap at a local park. (The Tomaso Collection)


As it was nice of IndyCar to Throw A Party at Laguna seca! Even if Alex Palou celebrated at Portland…


Yeah, I know, I know. Y’all were probably expecting some riveting Laguna Seca IndyCar Wrap-up here today. Instead of wishing No Fender Birthday Salutations for turning another year Older today, Surprise!


Since how many of Y’all remember that Oriol “Suitcase” Servia raced the No. 17 for Rahal Letterman Racing during the 2009 Indianapolis 500, Eh?


Naturally I’m feeling a Wee Bitomyte’ Nihilistic (Geddy) over the racing season effectively being Done ‘N Dusted. Suffering from the Post IndyCar Season Blues, sigh.  Like seriously IndyCar? Another Freakin’ 289 days ridiculously long Offseason, Drat!


As here’s what I scribbled for last year’s No Fenders birthday when turning “Sweet Sixteen”, Yikes!


As it’s somewhat hard knowing that it’s now been just over one year since my last outing to a race track. Having been a wonderful day’s outing at Portland International Raceway when ScottyMac’, aka Scott McLaughlin put a veritable Beatdown upon the entire field leading 104 of 110 laps enroute to victory!


Whilst I really cannot recall what all I’ve done the remainder of that “calendar” year. Beside the infrequent, but overly enjoyable trips back Home to Warshington’. And the great treks with Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen and Her faithful navigator Hang 10’ Hilo!


Although I found myself repeatedly mentally singing the following Rush song verse minus You can make the most of the distance during the latter portion of our three weeks camping safari…


“You can do a lot in a lifetime

If you don’t burn out to fast

You can make the most of the distance

First you need endurance

First you’ve got to last”


As the verse is from Rush’s song Marathon, off of their 1985 album Power Window. Which Y’all can listen to below…


Arse-sumedly I found myself chanting this repeatedly over my mental Jukebox for the obvious reasons. Since I suppose you could say I’m in the Autumnal equinox of life! As another milestone birthday fast approaches…


Since although I still crave motorsports on a weekly basis. Being part of the reason I’ve continued poondin’ away on my trusty keyboard for the past 17 Freakin’ years, Youza! Some may say it’s travesty, but with my overly sensitive hearing. Like have I told Y’all I’m Blind lately?


Hey, Y’all do know that Blind people have Super powers, Righto? Eh, speak up Sonny…


Thus I find that my favourite soundtrack in life these days is the sound of the Ocean’s waves caressing on the Beach! For which I only get to Hear these sounds a few times a year, even if I live just a mile away from the Ocean.


Although when I manage to shut off my internal Jukebox and not think about anything racing related, i.e.; IndyCar or Formula 1. I find myself saying that it’s the sound of life passing me by and I can never get those precious seconds back…


Whilst another enjoyable moment upon our trip was sitting on a park bench at a Vashon Island lagoon listening to the Kingfishers frollicing about! As the late George Winston’s song aptly titled Woods always brings me great tranquility. Imagining I’m in a forest with a Woodpecker Hard at work!


Shit Man, stay focused! As where’s ‘Ol Jeffy’s mythical spotter from One Lap Down to tell me Outside, Outside, Still Outside…


Otay, sorry for being a Debbie Downer. As this story’s definitely gone into the Drink!


Time to wrap up another meandering, waxing “Short” Ha Ha! Idyllic prose by your Humble Scribe Tomaso svribblin’ here upon thoust Isle ‘O Nofendersville. as somebody throw me a Lifejacket, please! Especially since it’s so G-Damn Hard to keep from tipping thoust Groceries into thee Drink when paddling Ye Canoe n Choppy Seas


Hence like the Drivers say after every race, Thanks to The Fans for showing up here in Nofendersville and reading my eclectic scribblings upon No Fenders All these years!


Since this Uber' eclectic mix 'N veritable Spin Cycle 'O finely honed Thomason' Tex-Mex Jambalaya of Wordsmithing wouldn't have been possible over thou seasons without A-L-L of the Usual suspects continued yearly support.


Led First 'N Foremost by Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen, the late Kuhnaidiun' lass Claire and Blogmeister' Miguel!, who keeps this Site Alive and makes All of my Zany Updates whenever requested.


Along with Mary Ellen’s G-R-r-R-Reat! New Hoond’ who’s I affectionately nickname Hang 10’ Hilo! Being the most laid back Chihuahua I’ve ever met! (Having come from the Big Island) Who I eagerly look forward to “Seeing” every single time I have the opportunity to do so!


Plus continuous contributions from Offical' Photographer CARPETS', Snowbyrd MJ', Randal, Thy Moniker King' and Claudio’ & Nelie. Along with the still Mega' Killer official No Fenders logo provided by Artiste Dave!


Since like Melody Sheik brilliantly “Sings” in his Symphony of Science Masterpiece from over a Dozen years ago. Uhm, whose IndyCar Number is that? “We Are All connected!”


Whilst never fear Ladies and Germs’, Your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso Ain’t going Nowheres’ soon…