Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Another Maddening ESPNews Scramble

As they definitely Didn’t land Sunny Side Up! And where’s Max to tell me to Suck Eggs…


Whilst I already knew the likely outcome. Hence deciding to not stay up until midnight on the West Coast to “See”, Err Hear that MaxiMillions’ had won again, Yawn! I decided I’d tune into the ESPNews encore presentation of the Japanese Grand Prix at 10AM Pacific instead.


Even though I was annoyed once again by either ESPN or more likely Comcast for pitting the F1 Broadcast replay up against the MotoGP Indian Grand Prix…


Thus my intentions were to tune into the elongated Japanese Grand Prix replay from 10AM until 11:50AM before switching over to the inaugural MotoGP race at India’s Buddh International Circuit, home of the former Formula 1 race in India between 2011-13.


And I bellowed Shut Up Nicole when the Mothers Shoe polish lady came on the first time at 11:26AM interrupting the F1 broadcast…


But I was absolutely Dumbstruck when Nicole Briscoe told us again at the top of the hour, i.e.; 11AM that we’d immediately resume where we’d left off upon returning from commercials, sure thingy’ Sister!


So imagine my momentary surprise when the ESPNews broadcast resumed and it was a pair of Knucleheads talking SCC Womens College Soccer, WTF! Making me wonder did I hit the wrong button when unmuting from commercials?


No, these two Talking Heads were prattling on about Florida and Kentucky and how the Referee says Play on. As apparently Jokes on me again! As you’ve got to be Shiting me ESPNews! The Japanese Grand Prix is supposed to be airing until 12:30PM Pacific!


So I went around the horn of All of the 43 ESPN channels and back onto ESPNews several times before giving up in Disgust! And just went to my Conrfuzer’ and played the Youtube Highlights package instead.


Then adding insult to injury, as I’d switched over to Big NBC to “watch”, Err listen to the MotoGP Preamble whilst making an early lunch. For Humour during one of there commercial breaks I switched back over to ESPNews and was bemused to hear ANT’, aka Anthony Davidson and Kroftie’, aka David Kroft of Sky Sports calling the Japanese Grand Prix, for which I already knew the results to Jackarses!


So I switched back to MotoGP’s Indian Grand Prix which was a far superior race vs. the MaxiMillions’ whitewash at Suzuka! With real honest to goodness competition between the top three points holders. Not to mention palatable excitement and tension thru the entire race!