Wednesday, September 20, 2023

A somewhat Curious Move for Ganassi

As how many green cars will Ganassi run next year?


Have to say I was caught completely by surprise this Monday morning when reading the news that chip Ganassi Racing had signed 18yr old Kyffin Simpson to drive it’s fifth IndyCar next year. Meaning CGR will have three rookies in next year’s Indianapolis 500.


Although reportedly Simpson, whose been a CGR Development Driver since 2022 was expected to move up to Indy Cars in 2025, Simpson will become the youngest driver on next year’s IndyCar grid instead. Even after two mediocre Indy NXT season finishes of ninth and tenth respectively.


Kyffin’s father David Simpson is a key Shareholder of Ridgeline lubricants, meaning financial backing for His son’t endeavour isn’t a problem! And I guess Cheep’ wanted to strike while the iron’s Hot…


Although it’s sorta funny since Ganassi didn’t have the necessary funds to entice Marcus Ericsson into staying with the team, but now can afford to bulk up to a five car entry for 2024!


But what I really want to know is does this signal that Andretti Global is indeed shutting down it’s fourth No. 29 entry next year? Since I believe that Honda has previously stated they were at their maximum amount of Full season engine leases last year, ergo 15.


Since I believe this was a stumbling block when Dale Coyne and His Alphabet Soup Brigade had wanted to expand to three cars previously…


Yet according to IndyStar’s Nathan Browne, Honda said it hasn’t decided yet on whether or not it will expand to 16 Full season entries in 2024 provided Andretti Global decided to continue running it’s fourth IndyCar entry.