Tuesday, September 5, 2023

The Tomaso Files: Tring to “Switch On’ my Tyres’, Again

Yuhs know, like trying to figure out what those Alternate Red rubber’s gona do at Gateway?


Having arduously laboured over 19 finely Honed No Fenders stories for your reading pleasure whilst on Holiday. Or was it 20 or 21 finely honed stories with a Dull knife including a ridiculously long “Canned” The Passenger Book review for future posting, before departing July 25th? Hmm, Me Thinks it was Simon Pagenaud’s previous Car number 22…


Naturally, it’s taken me a little while to get back in the swing of things. Having effectively spent a month away from Ye All consuming Keyboard!


Needing to knock off the rust, Especially since my No Fenders traffic count’s dropped so deeply ever since thee Gory Month ‘O May, WTF! Apparently having been “punished” by Google for placing a warning upon one of my 4,500+ Posts! Which naturally it’s El Stupidio Blogger platform wouldn’t let me “See” what post this was, meaning I’ve got Zero clue what the warning was for? Not to mention being the first time ever in some nearly 17 Freakin’ years of Blogging! But I digress…


Thus making me think of a verse in a very creative song simply called Hi Ren. Where the Singer/Songwriter notes how He’s not chasing Numbers, Statistics or Stats. He isn’t chasing Commercial success. Never writes Hooks for the radio and is content with the Groovy music He’s creating for Himself. With the people who find it respecting Him, which gives Him a purpose since Life’s been tough…


As the Hi Ren by Ren song clocks in at Nine minutes, 20 seconds long. But is most definitely worth a listen!




Naturally I’ve had the PME HB’s since returning from another Oh, so wonderfully Fantastic 21 Days Camping Safari with Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen and Hang 10’ Hilo! Making me think of Ren’s sardonic She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore…


While naturally, reality has a nasty habbit of Hitting one upside Thar Noggin’ whenever feeling overly content about life! Being a wickedly Hard task master, She’ll quickly knock Ye Wind outta your Sails El Pronto!


Case in point, was the three items ranging from mundane to overly important that struck Mwah upon thoust return home. Starting with hearing the Splat! Of the scoop of jam I didn’t know I’d dropped on the floor until I stepped ont it in my slippers as it went Squish! To the brand new belt my Dad had purchased me who’s stiching completely dissolved and left me with the buckle in my Hand! To my Fucking Bank screwing up again and putting another incorrect mailing address on my monthly rent Cheque!


Why am I lamenting Y’all with this? Whale’, if you’re one of my few loyal readers, then you already know I’m Blind! And suffered from the nasty eye disease simply known as “RP”, or Retinitis Pigmentosa.


For which there’s just been a very interesting sounding book written upon the subject of Retinitis Pigmentosa and the effects of it’s leading to Blindness by Andrew Leland, who suffers from said disease titled The Country of The Blind.


Leland (whose legally Blind and only has six percent vision) likens his vision to the view you might get by looking through a toilet paper tube or a keyhole.


“It's really a narrow aperture that I'm pointing around," he says. "Imagine having that toilet paper tube strapped to your head and trying to walk down the street; there's this whole field of things that you don't see that you really ought to, like curbs or toddlers or dogs or fire hydrants.”


For which I haven’t listened to the Show Archive yet. When Andrew Leland was the featured guest upon the August 8th edition of NPR’s Fresh Air, which you can listen to below.




I bring All of this up simply since although I’ve long given up upon the NFB, aka National Federation of The Blind. Having long ago attended monthly meetings of it’s Downtown Seattle Chapter. The NFB’s mantr is for Blind people to live Independently, which your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso’s been doing for many decades now, Aye Karumba!


As Andrew Leland’s brilliant description of what living with RP is like above should paint what’s not a so rosy picture for Mwah. Since it’s truly a bizarre experience in life to go around not being to be able to See what anybody, or anything looks like!


And how truly difficult it’s for a Blind person to live alone, without anybody supporting them!


As I had the most Bizarre experience at my local Freddy’s Grocery store a a few months ago now. When a total stranger got up close ‘n personal with me. When a man said seriously, I’ve got a question for you. How does a Blind person take a Shower? Seriously, you’ve gotta be Bleepity-Bleep kidding me!


AnyHoo’, I’ve probably lost my story’s point by now, Eh? Other than life’s difficult for Blind people. Although life being Hard in general came back full circle to Mwah when recently at Fred Meyer’s grocery shopping. Noticing how my normally Gregarious Cashier Dave was being abnormally Quiet as He did my groceries.


So I said to Dave, you’re pretty quiet today, you must be concentrating, Eh? To which Dave paused and said yeah, I guess you could say I’m concentrating. Before Dave paused again and then told me He’d just buried His Son who’d died from an unexpected Heart Attack…