Thursday, December 15, 2022

The 2022 IndyCar Golden Tailpipe Awards edition

And the Winner takes it by a Nose! Somebody give me a cheeseburger…


Yessiree Bog, Bob’s Your Uncle Mateys! As I’m just trying to finish off the year’s No Fenders posts Here upon Ye mystical’ Isle of Nofendersville, with Thy yearly IndyCar Golden Tailpipe Award selections. Hence these choices were just quickly Jotted upon after my initial Spur of Ye Cuff selections below.


Whilst Y’all can compare ‘n contrast this year’s choices with the Uber Exciting 2021 Selections in the following link.



2022 IndyCar Champion: Will Power

2022 Indy 500: Marcus ericsson

2022 Rookie Of the Year: Christian Lundgaard



1. Driver of The Year

Winner: Will Power

This one seemed pretty easy this year, especially since I’m still a Fan of DJ willyP’s! As Will was metronomic this season, improving eight positions Ahead of last’s year’s results.


And even if He only claimed one win enroute to His second IndyCar title. His steady Podiums and Top Five results were impressive. Like when He pulled a third place outta a lowly P16 Starting position at Mid-Ohio!


But even more remarkable was His finally surpassing ye Great SuperMario’, aka Mario Andretti for All-time IndyCar Career Pole positions with 68!


As it seems a really long time now since I briefly spoke to a much younger Will Power at the IMS Museum the day after the ’09 Indianapolis 500, when He was the third wheel running Penske Trucking sponsorship in a partial season…


2. Biggest Disappointments of The Year


Have to say that the whole Palou Gate Saga was uber disappointing, since it basically came down to Ye time Honoured tradition of Money! As initially I was Shocked by Alex Palou publicly stating He wouldn’t be driving for Ye Cheepster’, aka Chip Ganassi next year. Having decided upon the Greener pastures of Arrow McLaren SP and everythingy’ Mr. Zakery Brown Had promised Him…


Yet like colton Herta said best, Zak’s Cut Throat, He’s a Businessman! While I can’t really fault Chip Ganassi for telling Alex to Honour the Contract He’d previously signed, presumably under No Duress.


As we All know how this worked out, meaning I’m really Not sure who I’m most Disappointed with? Especially since All three involved played a part in this Ugly and ultimately Stupid Affair! With Palou simply having to wait another year before He can drive for AMSP. Where you’ve gotta wonder why Tyler Kiel wanted to leave…


The other big Disappointment to Mwah, albeit should I really be surprised? Is the apparent lack of leadership at IndyCar. As this has to be my favourite Open Wheel Racing series, but Chirp Chirp, Bueller?


Does Anybody beside All of us Diehard IndyCar Fans know about it? As last time I checked, having the most competitive racing series didn’t Cut It! As I loathe The Real Housewives of Formula 1! But you’ve got to say it’s made the Drivers wildly popular and the Stars of F1! Especially since Thar racing wasn’t that exciting this year…


But it’s Sad, as Y’all know where I’m going, But? When the Biggest disappointment of the Year for Mwah is What’s NXT from IndyCar’s Vaunted Braintrust? And why isn’t it’s Next Generation Indy Lights Champion Linus Lundqvist Not getting a Shot to make it in the Big Leagues, ergo IndyCar?


3. Race of The Year

Oval Track Winner: Gateway (World Wide Technology Raceway)

So we’ll never know, and it seemed a pretty tall order at the time.  Since Rookie David Malukas was trying to Hunt Down Uber Bad Arse Two times IndyCar champion Josef Newgarden for His possible maiden IndyCar victory. But Malukas’s Post-race comments about Oh My Gawd! I’m chasing two Team Penske Cars, like do Not do Anything Stupid to them!


As who knows if David Had listened to veteran Spotter Pancho carter’s advice earlier, if He could have Also passed Newgarden on the High line? But I know I sat at my Confuzer’ with both sets ‘O fingers crossed chanting G-O Malukas! When listening to the race via IndyCar Radio. And ScotyMac’ didn’t seem too pleased to have lost second place, even though He seemed to know it was Ah-Comin’.


Other Choices

Texas Motor Speedway, Indianapolis 500


Twisties' Track Winner: Laguna Seca

The Season Finale gets my nod this year, even if some might call it a snoozer due to Alex Palou’s 30-second Beatdown over Team Penske!


Yet the race was gripping to Mwah, since I badly wanted Will Power to win His second IndyCar title, which He did with aplomb by finishing third. As Power seemed to send the Shot Across Newgarden’s Bow when winning His record setting 68th Pole the day prior with Josef stuck in the Kitty-litter!


Other Choices

Barber Motorsports Park


4. Most Improved Team of the Year

Winner: Juncos Hollinger Racing

Have always been a Fan of Riccardo Juncos, and Callum Ilott quickly vaulted Himself to my current third favourite IndyCar Driver behind Pato O’Ward and David Malukas, but I digress…


Ok, so it’s just their first Full season in Indy Cars, but what a remarkable improvement over last year’s three West coast races. As this team and Ilott always seem to be Fighting Above their “Playing” Weight! Especially since they were the only single car entry on the Grid.


5. Most Disappointing Teams of the Year

Co-Winners: ECR and MSR

Yeah I know, it’s only supposed to be one single team. And I could go with my yearly Underperformers Andretti, or RLLR.


As I would have simply chosen Meyer Shank Racing (MSR) for this dubious award. Yet it’s too easy with that Fast Talkin’ Dancing Fool Hulio’ on it’s roster! Like are you really surprised over Helio Castroneves poor results this year?


But I did expect more out of Symone’, nee Pageantry’, aka Simon Pagenaud. Or is this a true reflection of how much work the team has to do? Especially with Thar Technical Alliance with Mikey a’s Squad.


Won’t discuss Fast Eddie’s diminishing pace behind the Keyboard. And I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised with Ye Count Rinus VeeKay’s spotty performance, Eh? While conor Daly was simply disappointing! As not sure why I expected more from ECR this year?

For the Conclusion of this Golden Tailpipe  Awards Categories 6-10, i.e.; Most Improved Driver of The Year, Most Disappointing Driver of The Year, Comeback Driver of The Year, “Big Boyz Pants” Award and Rookie of The Year, Please visit the following No Fenders link below…