Sunday, December 18, 2022

The 2022 Formula 1 Golden Tailpipe Awards edition, Positions 6-10

Watch Out, Tomaso’s Behind the Wheel! As where are Yuhs Reverend Billy?


Nah, I haven’t even been drinking Ye “fortified “ Eggnog yet Kiddies! H-E Double Hockey Sticks, I haven’t even bought any Eggnog! As Here goes Nothing!



6. Most Impressive Driver of The Year

Winner: Alex Albon

I’ve always like Alexander since His Trial by Fire as an F1 Rookie being Max Verstappen’s Wingman, Err teammate. And anyone who suffers Appendicitis during a Grand Prix weekend, along with suffering Respiratory Failure following His emergency Appendectomy! And spends “Sheet time” in a Hospital ICU, before going home and only missing one Grand Prix, definitely gets my Nod for Bad Arse!


Not to mention continuously dragging the recalcitrant Williams further up the grid than should be expected, i.e.; Qualie’ Q3’s Top 10 Shootout! Along with totally annihilating His teammate, albeit Nicholas Latifi is definitely Chopped liver. But it would be nice to see what Albon could do once again in a Top-five car, say like the Alpine, Eh?


7. Most Improved Driver of the Year

Winner: George Russell

Not really sure if this is a fair choice? Although I’ll begrudgingly give George Russell the nod, even if I totally feel like He’s part of today’s Nauseating Brat Pack, i.e.; Verstappen, Leclerc, Norris and Russell!


Whilst should we be surprised with Russell’s going from the Back marker Team Willy’ mount to winning His Debutante Grand Prix this year in the once, all mighty Silver arrows…


8. Most Disappointing Driver of the Year

Winner: Daniel Ricciardo

Guess I’m jumping on the DannyRic’ Gang plank and just piling on whose one of my favourite drivers. Yet where did it All go so wrong for Ricciardo? Or should I be that surprised that Lando Norris has so thoroughly decimated the popular Aussie’ On-track this year!



Yet for the driver who once gave Maximus Hothead plenty to Stew about, it was Uber Hard seeing Ricciardo so underperform this year! And I can only wonder if He’ll not only ever find His way back into a competitive chassis, but let alone return to the F1 Grid?


9. Personality of Year

Winner: Kevin Magnussen

Yeah, I’m a “Softy” for sentimental choices. As Thars lotso personalities in F1, albeit many of them totally rub me wrong these days!


Yet having freely chosen to Not watch All 22 stupendous races this year, I’m simply going with what last put a broad Grin upon my Mug for 86% of the weekend.


Y’all know when Kevin Bacon’ Magnussen said twice over His IN-car radio Are You Fucking Kidding Me! When initially being informed of being on Pole position at Interlagos, Baby! Before having to wait out the last eight-plus minutes of a rain sodden racetrack before walking to the Podium interview!


10. Rookie of The Year

Winner: Guanyu Zhou

As the only Rookie in this year’s field, China’s first Formula 1 Driver wins by default. Although I’ve got nothing Bad to say about Zhou’s performance this year. As you’d have to say He performed up to what expectations would be for driving in the Back marker Alfa Romeo, along with going up against vastly experienced teammate Valtteri Bottas who Capped His 200th Grand Prix start at season’s end upon Yas Isle…