Thursday, December 22, 2022

F1: Team Principals Roulette

As Who Knows? May be the Music has already Stopped? And Santa’s brought Williams a new Head Honcho?


Although I’d say it was a very poor kept “Secret.” Nonetheless,

Maranello finally made it official that Alfa Romeo’s Frederic Vasser is replacing the “Axed” Mattia Binotto as Scuderia Ferrari’s new F1 Team Principal.


As it’s been reported that Ferrari Supremo John elkin loss Faith in Binotto a long time ago, with “Talks” with Vasser having begun before this year’s Italian Grand Prix.


But what I Didn’t expect, and reportedly happened in some scant 18 Hours? Was that McLaren’s Andreas Seidl was granted an early exit to replace Vasser as Alfa Romeo/Sauber’s Motorsports New CEO. As Vasser had previously held both the CEO and Team Principal roles at Himwal.


Which surely Dovetails nicely with Audi’s impending Takeover for the 2026 Formula 1 season. Since Seidl previously worked for BMW in formula 1 along with it’s return to DTM. And then moved to Porsche to become it’s FIA World Sportscar Championship Team Principal before joining McLaren. As one of Seidl first moves will be to Hire a new Team Principal for Alfa Romeo.


Thus Mr. Zakery Brown quickly elevated Andrea Stella to fill Seidl’s role, making the Italian who came from Ferrari McLaren’s New F1 Team Principal.


Which only leaves Williams Racing with vacancies to fill. As Team leader Jost Capito resigned at Age 64, along with Technical Director Francois-Xavier Demaison leaving the Grove outfit. As perhaps Messer Binotto would be a good choice for Williams? But who knows what Dorilton Capital, Owners of the once mighty Team willy’ will do next?


And the new Williams Team Boss will have His Hands Full! Since not only has Capito and Demaison Walked Away. But there’s currently No Head of Aerodynamics, whilst reportedly multiple “Junior” Staff are leaving for rival F1 Teams on a weekly basis. Which sounds like the upheaval of “Rats leaving a Sinking Ship!” Or that soon a new Owner will take over the Helm?