Friday, December 2, 2022

Is IndyCar trying to Kill Iowa?

And just who the Hell is the Zac Brown Band? As I thought we’re Here to see Indy Cars racing…


Perhaps you’ve already heard the nonstop Criticism over the forthcoming 2023 Iowa Speedway Double Header IndyCar race weekend, where ticket prices have Skyrocketed! Anywhere between 211-300% Over this year’s inaugural Hy-Vee Double Header event with four musical Acts.


So my only question is why, when IndyCar has had nothing but trouble keeping Oval events Alive, would they decided to Hammer a Stake in the Hearts of true IndyCar Fans?


I mean, I get swapping the Hy-Vee sponsorship from Jack Harvey to Cristian Lundgaard. But if Nobody’s able to Afford attending Iowa, then how long will Hy-Vee wish to remain in Indy Cars? As this Ain’t Circuit Of The Americas, it’s Newton Iowa Y’all Hear!


Shame On You Penske Entertainment!