Wednesday, December 7, 2022

As Who’s More Naughty, Max or ESPN?

Yo ESPNews, you’ve just gotten a Double Technical foul. You’re Ejected!


As Not sure what’s worse? Knowing the Outcome of the Yabba Dabba Doo GP on Yas Isle in Abu Dhabi before watching the evening’s replay, or having the replay unexpectedly pre-empted?


Having told a particular former Austin F1 Sherpa when He called me on Saturday, prior to the race. That I wasn’t getting up at Gory 5AM Pacific, and would wait for the Sunday evening replay at 6PM instead.


Gee Wally, guess who called me around Noon Sunday? As I made the mistake of answering Ye telephone, Butterfingers!


As Claudio’ asked me if I’d watch the race yet? No. Well you already know the results! No, I Don’t! And I Don’t want to know them! Well regardless of that, you Already know the Outcome! SWELL! Thanks a Gory lot for giving it away!


But I decided I’d “Watch,” Err listen to the 6PM ESPNews Encore Presentation anyways, or so I thought so…


As Kroftie’, aka David Kroft did His usual “And Its Lights Out!” With the replay starting just a minute or two late, and I Don’t think we’d even gotten to the leader making His first Pitstop?


But then FUCKING Unbelievable! At 6:40PM in the midst of the Grand Prix the volume went to about level 87! With a piercing, staccato Static Screeching Reverberating sound like when somebody Doesn’t have the microphone plugged in correctly! And Vamoosh! We were switched Justin-time’ to the start of the El Stupidio Rubber Duckies College Basketball game, I Kids Yuh Not! As we were RUDELY switched to the Oregon Ducks vs. Houston Cougars and that ended that! As who fucking Cares about a college Basketball game? I thought I was watching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Jackarses!


What’s that Paul? What’s that John?


Yeah, I picked up the remote

Turned it to the right Channel

Checked my Bloody TV Guide twice

And it says they’re playing the Wong programme!


Yeah, we’re definitely on the One after Gory Nein Das Trolley wagen Nein…


Although I already knew that Maximus Hothead’, aka Max Verstappen Had won again! His 15th win out of 22 races, Yikes! And that He’d put another Beatdown on the field! At that moment I Didn’t know the rest of the results. Like the rest of the finishing order and who claimed second Overall in the Drivers Standings until I watched the Herky Jerky F1 Highlights video on Youtube afterwards!


And somehow I felt Good Riddance Formula 1, as Kroftie’ said we’ll see you in 105 days…


And then Mary ellen said How Boring  when looking up the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix results  Sunday morning , before arriving in Bumfiddle’ Florence.


Then the next day whilst we were on a Walkabout’ at our Exploding Whale Memorial Park with Hang 10’ Hilo in tow. Mary ellen rand into a man with a white Schipperke, which She said She’d never seen a white one before.


To which the man told us that Yes, the white ones, also known as either Blonde or Cream colour are rare. But His Schipperke and Hilo who were both about the same size and disposition, enjoyed each others meeting…


For which I couldn’t resist, and awhile later when I was sure we were out of Earshot I Quipped. Damn, I cannot get away from the Freakin’ Duthc!

Although Mary Ellen said it was a Bad Joke! Especially since I Had to Explain It.


Yuhs know, Max Verstappen, Schipperke. As one of the latter’s nicknames is Black Devil, Oh Never Mind! Even though obviously, I’ll take the Schipperke Any day over Maximus Hothead…