Thursday, July 28, 2022

INDYCAR: Ganassi v Palou

As why does this make me think of the TV Show Family Feud and Survey Says?


Where’s Good ‘Ol Derek Daly to tell us to “Hang onto Your Hollyhocks!” As it’s about to get real Bumpy folks!


Naturally, since this is  a developing story, and Only the Players truly Have an idea of what’s really unfolding. As a lowly Basement Dwelling blogger, I can only react here upon No Fenders to what I’m able to learn via the Media.


Hence this latest “Wrinkle” was just announced publicly yesterday, following my initial No Fenders post about the Alex Palou Gong show. Which I learned via Racer’s Marshall Pruett.


For which the gist of Pruett’s article states that (CGR) Chip Ganassi Racing LLC Has filed a Civil lawsuit against Alex Palou and Alpa Racing SL; presumably Palou’s Management? And that CGR is seeking an expedited Court Hearing prior to the end of August. Along with wanting their request for written discovery from All Parties involved, including McLaren within 14 Days of request.


As I won’t attempt dissecting All of the Mumbo Jumbo legal-ease in Marshall’s article, since it’s way too convoluted for a lowly blogger! While you’ve gotta wonder why before the end of August, Eh?


For Mwah, this is unprecedented territory, since I’m Not a Historian, nor am I checking into a Holiday Inn anytime soon, Hya! As where’s D-Squared’, aka Donald Davidson when Yuhs need Him?


Since Palou’s expected to race the No. 10 NTT Data Chevy this Saturday at Mother Speedway and the final four races, with CGR firmly stating that Palou’s under contract thru the end of 2023. But I don’t know how this isn’t extremely Awkward and How either party can continue like “Nothing’s” going On!


Ironically, Cheep’ just so happens to have The Dude’, aka Ryan Hunter-Reay signed as CGR’s Reserve Driver. Since Hunter-Reay’s the last driver I can rmember in a “Heated” legal fight with His Team Owner.


Although it was Hunter-Reay taking the legal action against Paul Meathedz’ Gentilozzi who’d broken His Contract when unceremoniously Kicking Hunter-Reay Kerbside’ during the 2004 Champ Car season. When Rocketsports inserted somebody named Michael McDowell into Ryan’s seat. Hmm, perhaps Y’all have Heard of Him? Can You Say 2021 Daytona 500 winner?


As Gentilozzi simply removed Hunter-Reay from the cockpit for the season’s final two races with Hunter-Reay ultimately taking legal action against Gentilozzi, who ultimately lost in Court! Which I scribbled ‘bout Here on No Fenders awhile ago…


Now I don’t expect the same outcome for Palou, who’s “neatly” inserted Himself into a messy legal tussle, which makes me think of Formula One’s need for a Court of Arbitration, I.e.; the FIA Contract Recognition Board to Handle F1 Teams and Drivers treating their Contracts like pieces of Toilet Paper! Which I really do Not want  IndyCar going down this Avenue!


But it now sounds like Palou’s headed for sitting out next year upon the Sidelines unless Zak Brown and McLaren Racing give Chip Ganassi a  really Big Cheque!


Although now having re-read my No Fenders story (link) above. It’s worth noting that Alex isn’t the first driver to try Jumping ship! Since ex-Formula 1 and Sports Car Driver Gianmaria Brunia decided He no longer wanted to drive for la Scuderia (Ferrari) in order to jump to rival Sports Car manufacturer Porsche in the FIA World Endurance Championship instead.


Whilst How could I forget another of my favourite IndyCar Team Owners Jay Pissenbootz’ Penske’s unceremonious Sacking of Thy Leggy Juan’, aka Katherine Legge over Valentine’s Day weekend nearly a Decade Ago…


Thus it All seems to boil down to the Fact that Alex Palou signed a “Bargain Basement” Driver Contract with Chip Ganassi at least thru 2023, and that Cheep’ simply isn’t willing to let Bosom Buddy Zak Brown get Off easy for attempting to Poach another of His Drivers…