Monday, July 25, 2022

Ahead of the Curve. Or Falling a Further lap Behind?

As what’s that saying about Bloody Turnups?


Perhaps it’s part of what others on Ye Blogosphere denote as the Dreaded Post Indianapolis 500 Blues? Since if you’re one of my loyal No Fenders readers, then perhaps Y’all have noticed my tendency of not scribblin’ anything about either of the world’s two predominant Open Wheel Racing series lately.


And like Marshall Pruett said on His July 14th Podcast with Leigh Diffey, who ironically was on His way to nearby Eugene, Oregon to cover the World Athletics Track & Field Meet for 10-days, Did something Happen in Indy Cars? Joking how Firestone had announced a new rear left tyre for Toronto, Hya!


As I’ll confess that following another very enjoyable 500 mile race at Mother speedway, I simply fell into a funk, and really Didn’t miss Formula 1 in the least over the month’s Hiatus I took from “Watching,” Err listening to any F1 races following the Miami Gardens Oscars Show! Whilst certainly Monaco would be another Snoozer…


Actually, it was 10 weeks between the Miami and Canadian Grands Prix that I skipped, since the Montreal race was on at a very pleasant West coast time. Although I could have done without the extra Fluff Danica Patrick interjected!


As I’ve found myself questioning How Formula 1 can call itself the Pinnacle of Motorsport since the beginning of this season, when All that anybody was talking about was the insanely Stupid Porpoising caused by the new Ground Effects regulations. As I just find this Uber Embarrassing! Especially since Ground Effects were pioneered by Lotus and Colin Chapman some Gory 44 years ago, and Formula 1 cannot “Fix” this unseemly Bouncing phenomenon until 2023, Say What?


Not to mention the Farcical nature surrounding this year’s inaugural Miami Grand Prix, which did everything possible to replicate thee Principality in a Parking lot where the NFL Miami Dolphins play their Home games! For which I did point out the obvious how Porpoising is what Dolphins Do!


And then there was that Faux Lake Miami in the Parking lot, which I’m told was complete with not only Landlocked Pleasure Craft on a Sea foam Blue Tarpaulin. But Mermaids “sunning” themselves on the Baking Hot Rocks surrounding the “Harbour” in the oppressive Heat of Miami!


Couple this with the fact that Liberty media is Hell Bent upon pushing the amount of Grands Prix to an insane 25 per season, in what appears nothing more than trying to Bleed the Sport Dry of as much Cash as they can carry away! Which for Mwah, appears to be doing nothing but Oversaturating the Market in this Money Grab, along with ruining the Soul of Formula 1 by Discarding it’s Historic events in order to go to Oil Rich, Oppressive events instead. Can Y’all say goodbye Spa?


Not to mention that supposedly the ridiculous Upswing in popularity Stateside, Liberty Media’s most important market is solely due to The Real Housewives of F1 Netflix series, where Fans are caught up in Reality TV portrayal of the Drivers and Team Managers, Seriously?


As I began my F1 Odyssey Wayback in 1986 largely due to F1 having the Coolest racing cars on the Planet, and definitely the most technologically advanced! And that was years before the Zenith of the Active Ride Electronics era…


Yet whilst we should be marveling over today’s amazing Hybrid technology racecars that arrived in2014, everbody just complains they’re too complex and only wants to know what Herr Gunther has said about Mick Schumacher instead…


Thus, while I still enjoy a good Formula 1 race these days, with the British Grand Prix totally recharging my Batteries, I easily tire of needing to rise at Oh Dark 30 on the West Coast since I’m Blind and cannot operate a DVR! Not to mention getting Bored over the Usual Suspects winning weekly!


Hence I find myself far more interested in Indy Cars these days, and although Not being Fanatical about it, I’ve managed to “Watch,” err listen to every single race, along with Half of Qualifying after discovering I can simply listen to it via IndyCar Radio network, which I far more prefer over NBC’s current cadre of Talking Heads.


Yet it’s funny how IndyCar is perceivably suffering from a lack of “Viewership” since Nobody cares about Good, Competitive Racing. Instead, if you don’t have a Netflix Infotainment series to promote you, then Nobody Cares! Although Heavens Forbid IndyCar do anything to try promoting it’s Drivers…


Alas, if I thought Miami was bad, I completely Shudder over the Shit Show, Err Three ring Circus event next year’s Las Vegas Grand Prix is going to be! As what’s that ‘Ol Virginia Slims saying about we’ve come a long way from Caesars Palace, Baby? All of which makes my Debutante F1 race, the 1989 Iceberg Grand Prix look really Quaint!


While How Much will everybody’s Cable TV Bill be going up next year, since Liberty Media’s decided they need to squeeze as much profit out of their new U.S. TV Rights winning Bidder, with reports saying it’ll be as much as $75 million if Liberty gets it way! Which is like a 1300% increase, Oh Never Mind!