Monday, July 4, 2022

Mid Ohio Fireworks!

As Not sure Who’ll be Happier over Rossi leaving Mikey A’s Squad!


Prior to Sunday’s Mid Ohio IndyCar race, read an Racer’s Marshall Pruett article proclaiming that Andretti Autosport teammates Alexander Rossi and Romain Grosjean were’t the “Best of Friends!” For which All I can say Marshall’s words seemed Prophetic following Sunday’s race!


Since we All know that Alexander Rossi did Nothing to Endear Himself to Andretti teammates Devlin DeFrancesco  and Romain Grosjean! With DeFrancesco, Rossi and Grosjean finishing P17, 19 and 21st respectively.


As IndyCar Radio Network’s Pitlane Reporter Joel Sebastianelli reported during the latter stages of the race that Romain Grosjean was Swearing Explitives over His In Car radio at Michael Andretti imploring Him to Bleeping do something about Rossi! With the Hot Headed Frenchman Foaming at the Mouth saying repeatedly He was going to Punch Rossi! As Rossi had apparently Hip Checked Grosjean after the pair had been playing Argy Bargy and Bangin’ Wheels repeatedly before Grosjean got the worst of it and was forced Offtrack!


For which I know I spent part of the Broadcast Crying Crocodile Tears for Romain! Blubbering Poor Romy! As it kinda Sucks getting a taste of your Own Medicine, Eh? Since we All know that Graham Rahal won’t be feeling Sorry for You at All…


Have No idea what the incident between Rossi and DeFrancesco was, or when it happened? But I cannot feel Any Sympathy for DeFrancesco either, since the rookie Kuhnuck’s quickly gotten a reputation for being a bit of a Wildman and definitely a Hard Charger, who Doesn’t Play Nice Himself! Can Y’all say Texas Motor Speedway?


Whilst believe I read somewheres’ following the race that Rossi had also had a collision with Andretti Autosport teammate Colton Herta? But the Indianapolis Star’s short story on the Andretti Boyz’ antics claimed it was Grosjean that collided with Herta, which I tend more to believe. Since I tend to think that Herta and Rossi actually respect each other,  and at this point, Colton’s probably the only teammate He likes!


And like IndyCar Radio’s Mark Gravelly’ James and Davey Hamilton mused during the Broadcast. They’d both liked having been a Fly on the Wall in the Andretti Autosport Hauler team Debrief! As Mikey A’s certainly got His Hands Full, which I suppose it’s a good thing there’s a week off before Toronto. Although who knows what type of Fireworks will commence Up North Eh!


But then again, I Always can Hear myself recalling Rossi once saying long ago: “I’m Not Here to Make Friends!” When on the racetrack. And I’m sure He cannot wait to move onto Arrow McLaren SP! With somebody on the Broadcast opining how perhas Rossi’s Already Checked Out?


But I like Rossi, who’s a Fighter and races Hard, but I think “Cleanly” with those IndyCar Drivers He feels reciprocates, El Correctomundo?