Monday, November 14, 2022

Penske Entertainment’s NXT Great Marketing Blunder!

Read All About It! Get your Peanuts ‘N KrackerJax’, Hurry!


May be it was just because I could Smell the Noxious Wafting of Bull Manure when “Zoey, the Princess Warrior,” my current (Zoomtext Fusion 2022) Screen Reader began reading me the Superfluous, El Stupidio Press Release of Penske Entertainment’s ridiculous rebranding of Indy Lights Thursday evening, November 3rd. Was why I went so Balistic!


As I just could Not understand the Sheer Stupidity of this Stupendous Name Change! As what in the Hell is NXT supposed to mean? And if we’re supposed to be Slap Happy saying Indy NXT by Firestone, than sorry Roger and whomever the other Braintrust that came up with this, Bite Me!


As I’d really, really wanted to use FUBAR in my No Fenders Post’s title when I first began scribblin’ this! Which “FUBAR” is an actual acronym that actually Stands for Something! And was All I could think of when “reading,” Err listening to the Bright Shiny lights ‘N Smoke bombs flash Bang Gee Whiz PR Buzz Kill Speak being forced down our Gullets!


Uhm, Have I mentioned yet how Horrifically Stupid of a Marketing idea this is? Not to mention the insult of trying to Dumb Down your “Premiere” Feeder series, by telling your existing Fanbase it’s for a Younger and emerging Consumer Audience. And is designed to engage an “elite” Next Generation of Aspiring Drivers an Opportunity to Advance to Indy Cars…


Ok, let’s begin with the Obvious, Shall we? As the easy, low Hangin’ Fruit is that Indy Lights, Err, Uhm INDY NXT, Can You Hear Me Now Roger? Currently utilizes the Dallara IL15 Chassis, as in 2015! Although at least it’s three years Newer than the current Big Boyz’ Dallara DW12 chassis…


But the most Brazen, and more importantly El Stupidio part of this rebranding exercise is the fact that IndyCar has wrongly decided to jettison a storied legacy of History and the provenance that the name Indy Lights carries with it!


Even though it began as the American Racing Series (ARS) Wayback’ in Gory 1986, it’s first run as the Firestone Dayton Indy Lights Championship Harkened from 1991-2001, with some Kiwi’ bloke named Scott Dixon being it’s Champion in Y2k, aka 2000! And then Thar were those Nissan Indy Pro years before the series rightly returned to being called Indy Lights upon reunification in 2008, for which it’s been known as ever since, until this November’s NXT Mutilation!


As I’m Not a Marketing Professional, but cannot say that Any were used for this Marketing Blunder, and why would you wish to Discard some nearly 40 years of History with it’s completely defined, universally known Brand Name?


Lastly, since otherwise I’ll just keep bashing on and on over this Stupidity! Ahem, if you’re telling us All about the exciting “Opportunity” for Young Drivers to Advance to the rarefied ranks of IndyCar. Uhm, I meant your Next Generation…


Then shouldn’t you Not be Sticking the Knife in the Back of your current, reigning Indy Lights Champion? Since after all, Linus Lundqvist should rightly be part of your vaunted Next Generation, Kapishe!


As I Don’t know ‘bout Y’all, but when the Indy Pro 2000 Series Champion’s “Advancement” Prize is $114,000 Dollars larger than the Indy Lights Champion’s, then Roger, We’ve got A Problem! As what’s NXT?


As Y’all can read the putrefied, nauseating PR Spin press release below…