Tuesday, November 15, 2022

When Motorsports collides with Nature

As what’s that ‘Ol Kansas song about “We’re Only dust in the Wind!”


Recently, when Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary ellen, Alex and Her Furr-rocious’ Hoond Hang 10 Hilo were visiting. We went for some scenic viewing of a few of the Oregon coast’s natural beauty. And although I’d heard of it before, I’d never been there. As we set off for Cape Perpetua’s Devil’s Churn.


Naturally, being Blind, we weren’t certain how well I’d fare upon the dilapidated steps (without any Handrails) leading down to the Volcanic rock’s edge of the Devil’s Churn. And with Alex stating that the bottom steps seemed pretty “Sketchy,” I asked Mary ellen if there was someplace akin to a Railroad’s “siding” where I could stand Off of the Stairway and wait for them to return.


Standing alone with my White Cane in Hand, and facing the Ocean. I stood Thar listening to the wonderful, frenetic crashing sounds of Mother Nature, and more impressively, the Pacific Ocean. Yet unfortunately, my mind was soon filled with thoughts of how Churlish Max Verstappen had behaved at the Mexican Grand Prix! Which I’d only learned of after the fact.


Perhaps Y’all have heard of how ‘lil Maximus Hothead’, nee Max Verstappen, Who was quickly joined by Red Bull’s Christian Horner, Helmut Marco and Sergio Perez, would Not Speak to any of Sky Sports F1 TV Broadcast team. As Max was upset over how Sky Sports Pitlane Reporter Theodore, Not Lenny’ Krabitz had so derisively noted how Lewis Hamilton Had been Robbed of a record setting eighth F1 World Championship at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, during the previous round at Austin.


Yet surely Max is well aware that it’s the Media’s job to stoke controversy, Eh? Since Controversy is the Media’s Currency!


As I’ve scribbled here upon No Fenders, I’ll forever be a Fan of DER TERMINATOR’, aka Michael Schumacher, and Hence I Don’t wish to see Michael’s last, lone remaining record broken by Sir Lewis. Yet that said, I’m also not a fan of either Golden Child, aka Lewis Hamilton or Verstappen “Junior!” Since I was once a Fan of Jos “The Boss” Verstappen, but those days Have also passed!


As the very first words I uttered when listening to the news via my NFB Newsline for The Blind’s telephone service was WWWHAAHHHH!


As Max was having another Hissy Fit and acting like a Spoiled rotten Snot throwing another Tantrum!


Yet what I Don’t understand, is why doesn’t Max realize by acting this way, He only re-energized the story and gave it legs!


Then A Man came up the stairs and said Howdy to me, stopping my internal discussion, before I went back to listening to the Crashing Surf Smashing into the rocks! Which sounded like they were right in front of me on the opposite side of the Hill I was facing.


And as I stood Thar with my white Cane, like on Sentry Duty. Just standing there facing the weathered concrete steps perpendicular “At Ease” with both feet spread slightly apart. I tried clearing my Head of All thoughts regarding Motorsports.


Then a couple stopped next to me and the Man said I bet it sounds really Spectacular! Which I said yes, it sounds like it’s right in front oof me, as I pointed forwards. Before the woman said it’s in several places, regarding the Churn’s 80 foot Chasm before they continued walking up the stairs.


As the sounds were amazing, like an apartment’s Complex’s Garbage Dumpster being Dumped! Or when somebody let’s the heavy metal lid Slam Down when closing it! When the waves Hit the Devil’s Churn directly! With water crashing All around before far to my right, where the water went. I Heard two low rumbling Booms that reminded me of somebody’s car passing by with it’s Bass reverberating from it’s Speakers…


And feeling the uneven, aged concrete steps with my feet before Hearing Mary ellen yell Ahoy from below, I began pondering if the trail to the Devil’s Churn had been built by the CCC in the early 1930’s? As that’s the Civilian Conservation Corps for those unaware.


As the recorded History of Cape Perpetua spans back to March, 1778 when Captain James Cook bestowed the name upon it in honour of Saint Perpetua. Although the Native American Alseans lived their for century’s before being forcibly removed.


It became part of the newly created Siuslaw National Forest in 1908, under the U.S. Forest Service’s jurisdiction. Then a wooden bridge was built over the Yachats River connecting it to Florence.


Indeed, the CCC established a Camp at the base of Cape Perpetua in 1933, and were instrumental in creating it’s Campgrounds, several miles of trails, various Rockwork Walls and the west Observation Post. Which sits atop the 800 foot tall Volcanic formation.


Walking back up said concrete steps that potentially could be nearly a Century Old? I told Mary ellen what I’d been thinking about, and how it’s annoying that I’d let various Motorsports thoughts encroach this tranquility…


Interestingly, when I ask Mary Ellen such dubious questions, it always amazes me how She’ll immediately reply would Michael Schumacher Have acted like that? Which Always leads to me promptly saying No!


And No, I haven’t drunk the Saint Michael Kool Aid, totally aware of His being a Ruthless Bastard! Although I’m curious how Herr Schumacher would have behaved in the age of today’s Social Media?


And whilst I agree with Max, Lewis and Sergio over how Toxic today’s Social Media is. I have to say I’ve got a bit of a problem with Max’s “Creditability.” Since after all, His Father Jos has been Arrested multiple times for Domestic Violence charges. While His partner Kelly Piquet’s Father is totally Afraid of Homosexuality!


But then again, does it really matter? Since being at the Ocean inevitably makes me think of my immortality, and how Insignificant us Humans are vs. Mother Nature! And how Max, Lewis, Michael and others will just be Footnotes in History…