Wednesday, November 2, 2022

ESPN Plays Naughty Trick upon Newsline!

As where’s ‘Ol Vincent Price when Yuhs Need Him?


Presumably most of Y’all aren’t aware of what Newsline is? Unless you’ve read Here upon No Fenders about the NFB’s Newsline for The Blind Telephone Service that your Blind Word Butcherer’ uses on a Daily basis!


Newsline for The Blind is a Great service that reads a multitude of National and International Newspapers, along with multiple Magazines, utilizing a small choice of Computerized Speech voices. Since if you’re Blind like your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso is, then it’s pretty G-Damn’ Hard to read actual, printed text font, especially 8-size Font, Crikeys!


Thus one of the many choices I used to enjoy listening to Daily, and specifically each morning was the ESPN Online Motorsports Headlines section, until it was erroneously Scrambled by the IT boffins’ at ESPN!


I have been using the service for nearly Twenty years now, and it’s been a constant Struggle to keep the various Newspapers and Magazines I look forward to working Correctly!


As I’m sure that the person at Newsline who used to answer my emails on a regular basis has long since grown tired of my constantly Badgering Him over what the latest item that’s Not working on the system!


As I really Don’t know who’s Fault it is, other than as Queen Danica once famously Bemoaned: “It’s Not My Fault!”


As the ESPN Online “Magazine?” Uhm News source from Newsline Breaking News section just suddenly Quit working on Bastille Day’, Y’all know Wayback on July 14th! And I sent in another customary email early the next week, before the system added the Prompt saying They were Aware of the Problem and trying to Restore Service.


As I can only Arse-sume, the NFB’s Newsline service must have a very Small amount of Workers, since Nothing had happened to rectify the issue causing the entire ESPN Online News source to Not work! As I sent in a second email six weeks later noting Nothing Had Happened! Which Gee Wally, I cannot understand why I Didn’t get a reply to this, go Fish, err Figure, Eh?


So we passed the Two months threshold of the ESPN Online Motorsports Headlines section Not being Functional just prior to my Departing on my Glorious Pretty-boy Floyd 24 Dazes Holiday Wayback on September 19th, making me think that this Great source of Motorsports News Ain’t ever coming back, Urgh!


Upon my return, the system now has a notice stating that They’ve lost Access to this Publication and Are looking for a Strategy to Restore It, Seriously? Like it’s Over three Gory Months now - Jokers!


As what I’ve learned over the years is that these types of issues are typically caused by the News source’s provider changing it’s Computer Coding and making it Not compatible with whatever antiquated system Newsline utilizes!


But if Y’all cannot already Deduce, this is a Crock of Shit! As why are the Blind and Visually Impaired Always getting Screwed?


Another great magazine on Newsline I used to look forward to, even if it was only offered Bi-monthly was the National Air and Space Museum’s Air and Space magazine. Which Sadly, went to a Quarterly publication for which Newsline lost Access to at the end of December, 2021, bummer!


Whilst another magazine selection that seems to continuously go Off Kilter is the Car and Driver selection, as it went “Silent” the entire month of September before being restored in October which now has August-September-October All on the November 1st edition…




But Seriously? It was a Gory 109 Days as of Halloween! Which is nearly Half of Indy Cars yearly Off-season and ESPN and Newsline cannot figure out How to rectify this problem? Especially since last time I checked, Stick ‘N Ball Sports are pretty Damn Mainstream! So Come On whomever It’s Fault is! Fix the Bloody ESPN Online News service El Pronto!