Monday, October 31, 2022

A Musical Treat for All the No Fenders Ghouls’

Although I Don’t think Michael Jackson should be too Scared…


“You Hear the Door Slam

And realize there’s Nowhere left to Run

You Feel the cold Hand

And wonder if You’ll ever See the Sun


Cause this is Thriller

Thriller Night”


Yeah Kiddoes’, it’s Fright Nite’ once again Here upon Nofendersville. As may be you’re sitting Home with the lights Down low, with just the Candle light from your Carved Jack ‘O lantrens Ah-Glowin’ and enjoying a few Adult beverages? Especially with your neighbor’s TV Blarin’ Out that Roundy round RASCAR’ Mash sound!


And may be you’re in the mood for something Halloween to listen to instead of Monday Night Football? Cough Cough, Omer Ha Ha!


Then Y’all should Check out this Halloween Album recorded by Dave Allen, who’s also known Here upon Ye Isle ‘O Nofendersville as Artiste Dave’. The creator of thoust Bitchin’ No Fenders logo!


As it’s on All the Hip places like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music or Deezer, whatever that last one is?


Or simply go to the website link below! And listen to these eight Original Halloween theme tracks written and performed by Dave Allen.


Partial song lyrics from:


Thriller Album: 1982

(Thriller single release: UK, Nov, 1983; U.S., Jan, 1984)

Michael Jackson