Friday, October 7, 2022

F1: Is Domenicali Calling timber on Spa and Other Classic Circuits?

Although it’s Great News that Spa will be back for 2023, but How long will it remain Safe?


Not sure why? But I tend to recall having earlier read about Grizzled F1 Journo’ Joe Saward proclaiming that Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali was a really Decent Bloke…


Yet the more I “Hear,” Err read what Liberty Media’s Mouthpiece says about the future of F1, the more perturbed I become! As Domenicali’s really starting to come across as an Uber Starched ’N Puffed Shirt to Mwah!


Look, I understand, although I continue to forget when switching on thy Telie’ to “Watch,” Err listen to another Sky Sports Grand Prix TV Broadcast that F1 is a Business first! Uhm, All Motorsports are, along with any professional Sporting entity, i.e.; that Uber Annoying 869lb Gorr-Rillia’ known simply as the NFL!


Which Arse-sumedly was only trying to Fatten it’s Wallet after just having awarded All Thursday Night Football game broadcasts to Amazon Prime’s Streaming service. Which if you’re Blind, I still do Not know how you’re able to Stream anyting! But I digress…


Although I’ll probably be quickly reminded next year when the Cable TV Bill goes Up again when Liberty Media squeezes more profit out of it’s TV Broadcasting Rights Dealio!


As Domenicali’s lately been Huffing ‘N Puffing over how such classic F1 venues as Monaco and Spa aren’t guaranteed spots upon future Formula 1 calendars simply due to their Historic significance, WTF?


Seriously, would Professional Tennis Shun going to Wimbledon every Summer just because they hadn’t installed the latest Video Boards or put in new Playing Surfaces? Or the ATP Skipping it’s U.S. Open since they Didn’t have the latest in Entertainment to Amuse the Fans?


Or will the PGA ever decide to not put the Masters tournament on it’s yearly calendar? And How about the Ryder Cup being left off the schedule?


Or How about NASCAR Not going to Talladega? Or IndyCar electing to skipg Long Beach, the second longest running event on it’s Calendar. Although at 45 years and counting, Long Beach is a L-O-N-G ways Behind the Mighty Spa which has been on Formula One’s calender since the inception of the modern era beginning in Gory 1950!


And those are just a few of presumably countless examples that your Non Stick ‘N Ball No Fenders Scribe Tomaso can think of Off Ye Proverbial Cuff, FOUR!


And like I’ve scribbled previously, I’m Not a Fan of Red Bull’s Piped Piper Christopher Kringle’ Horner’s, But! Lately Dare I Say It? He’s been trotting out many sensible, logical straightforward comments. Most lately by Decreeing that the FIA and F1 Need to keep a small core of Historic F1 Venues permantly affixed to the F1 Calendar.


With Horner noting that Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps, Monza and Silverstone should Always remain on the F1 Calendar since they’re the Soul of Formula 1! And do we really want to just have 24 Sanitized, Glitzy,  Slick Cookie Cutter Race Circuits instead?


So last year the weather was Abysmal at Spa! But Hey, it’s in the Ardennes Forest and I did survive attending Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) Mudfest Wayback’ in 2015!


Since I’m pretty sure last year’s attendance at COTA wasn’t a Problema, Selling Out some Gory six years after Hurricane’s ravaged the Gulf of Mexico and brought torrential Rain to Austin!


And All of this conjecture about Spa being one of the current F1 venues with smaller attendance seating at only 70,000 Spectators is Bullshit! Since Miami’s is capped at 82,000! But then again, where’s Spa going to put in the Faux Marina, and how many Mermaids will show up at Spa?


As I’ll agree that Spa-Francorchamps should be on the Formula 1 calendar in perpetuity! Along with Monza and Silverstone, and if any of the aforementioned Classic circuits are gonna be Axed, then I’d say Timber to Thee Principality! Since it’s nothing more than a Gory Parade and I haven’t bothered “Watching,” Err listineing to it’s TV Broadcast for years now!


But wait, Holy Pigskins Batman! That would be akin to the NFL cancelling it’s Super Bowl!


And if we’re gonna have to rotate venues to accommodate every race circuits demands. Then Why Stefano? Aren’t we going to rotate the four Middle East events? Or did Liberty Media quickly acquiesce to their demands for long term contracts since they were willing to Pay Inflated Sanctioning Fees? Not to mention enticing the FIA with some Aramco Official Oil Partner agreement?


As I have to ask myself why does the good ‘Ol USA need to have a record three Bloody Grands Prix beginning next year? And which will be the worse Abomination, Miami or Las Vegas?


And that’s before we even bring up Germany having No Grand Prix, with France set to join them. Not to mention how soon will Domenicali set His sights upon Sao Paolo? As How many “Super bowls” do we need on the F1 Calendar? Oh Never Mind!