Monday, October 24, 2022

Back in Ye proverbial Saddle, Again

As just How many Left’s makes up 24 Days, Me Wonders?


So it seems to be the Hip thingy’ right now upon Ye Blogosphere. That is, rehashing one’s “Vacation,” for which if Y’all weren’t awares’, your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso was on a Mega’ 24 Days “Holiday” recently! Although thanks to Ye Magic of Blogger, I was able to post the massive “Two Ton Heavy things!” Twenty seven Blog stories I’d feverishly poonded’ out before departing, but I digress…


As my trip encompassed another great two weeks stay upon Vashon Island and Tacoma, before departing on a Big ‘Ol Jetliner as Stevie GeeTar’ Miller once crooned from Seattle, flying nonstop to Phoenix. Where I spent the final portion of my Holiday in thee Valley of The Sun!


An Sun was definitely the right word, since it was an extremely toasty 95 degrees-F upon touchdown, Aye Karumba! As it still cracks me up that I found the water in Randal, Thy No Fenders Moniker King’s swimming pool to be somewhat cool upon His telling me it was only 87deg-F!


As a gaggle ‘O eight USAF F-15 Eagle Jet Fighters from nearby Luke Air Force Base flying in circles serenaded us overheads for some 45mins! For which I think they’re definitely louder than those Uber annoying f/A-18 Growlers on Whidbey Island, Aye Karumba!


During the first of our multiple NFL Football Party gatherings, the first being a rather Abysmally pathetic Thursday Night’s 12-9 win, ironically by the Indianapolis Colts against the Denver Broncos, in the Battle of Field Goals. Although I took great delight in the continued Poor performance of ex-Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson! Since I like many in the Pacific Northwest Hope He Tanks!


During a lull in the Uhm, “Action?” Hut-Hut Omaha? Nope Thar punting the Pigskin again! Amy, who works for an Arizona winery I’d naturally never Heard of before. Called Pillsbury Wines told me about a very entertaining “racing” event that they hold yearly upon it’s vineyard in Willcox, Arizona.


As Willcox is surrounded by six of Arizona’s ten tallest Mountains withing a 70 mile radius, surrounded by some of it’s most prominent Mountain ranges. With Tucson’s Mount Lemon, the only one I’ve visited being 57 miles to the West. And apparently at 4,167 feet Elevation, it’s dry, Desert climate is excellent for Grape growing…


As Amy, like most of those in attendance know that the sport I follow is Motor Racing! Predominantly Open Wheel Racing, Hence the reason I’ve been scribblin’ Here upon No Fenders the past 16 years, Say What?


As Amy told me about their yearly Cycle Kart race, which even Honours some iconic 24Hrs race at Circuit de la Sarthe! Taking place upon a makeshift Mile and a Quarter Me Thinks? Dirt track thru the Pillsbury Estate in Willcox, AZ. Replete with classic 24 Heurs du Mans Start of Drivers running across the track! Whilst a local Jaguar club showed up during this year’s event, for which I believe Amy said they paused the race.


Amy was one of Team Pillsbury’s cadre of Drivers and even briefly led the race before the steering went out on their Cycle Kart and they had to retire…


As I still cannot exactly wrap my Noggin’ round what a Cycle Kart looks like or is? Especially Ahem, Have I mentioned I’m Blind lately? For which I found the following link upon Ye All knowing Intrawoods’, aka internet.


Naturally, No trip to Scottsdale, AZ is complete without another visit to my Numero Uno Haunt Thar. That being the Penske Racing Museum, which this time I thoroughly enjoyed in the company of Arizona Bureau Chief Snowbyrd MJ’ and Blogmeister Miguel, who quickly set upon testing my “vast” knowledge of Team Penske lore. Which Pales in comparison to Ye Oldest IndyCar Blogger George Phillips of Fame. As I’ll save that museum visit for a latter No Fenders post.


Whilst I was Foolishly compelled to play guitar a la Jimi Hendrix style at another of No Fenders Bitchin logo as Randal would say, by Artiste Dave’s Friday Night Jam sessions. Even though I Don’t know how to play guitar, I managed to Oh, so cleverly come up with the words to the title of a Robbie Robertson tune appropriately called Somewher Down the crazy River! For which several years ago, I wrote another wacky  No Fenders poem from Honouring Thy good Buddy Tony George, Yikes!


And although Sunday was primarily devoted to NFL football, having endured 3.25 separate Pigskin games, Urgh! Blogmeister Miguel did manage to pull up the “On Demand” ESPN version of the Japanese Grand Prix, which I had summarily expected to miss, a la foregoing the previous Singapore Grand Prix. As the best part of All, was that we were able to Fast Forward thru the entire two hours Red Flag Delay, with the programme clocking in at a Hefty 3 Hours and 56 minutes! Instead simply watching the Start and then skipping All the way Ahead to the final 40+ minutes of the Timed race, Hurrah!


Where Max Verstappen put a veritable Beatdown upon the entire field! Pulling out a 27 second lead over eventual Runner-up Sergio Perez during the race’s 28 laps, My, Oh, My!


And along with a few morning walks upon the Golf course, which were All Shut down for Reseeding, before the “Winter” golf season began on October 15th, FOUR!


Then I accompanied Snowbyrd MJ’ to the Downtown Scottsdale American Legion Post for Her Dress Rehearsal for the musical Love Boat, where She was performing the song Oblivion on Her Theremin!


As the song Oblivion was one of the many masterpieces that famed Argentine Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) composed and performed on the Bandoneon. For which I learned that Maestro Piazzolla was the creator of Nuevo Tango, for which reputedly, Argentine’s first rejected.


As Maestro Piazzolla created Oblivion in 1982 at Age 61, for which you can listen to it in the following Youtube link.


Naturally when at the American Legion Hall, I thought of Tony Kanaan,. Since Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen says He’s probably tired of everybody including me, making fun of His large Schnoz. Although I know that fellow Chip Ganassi Racing IndyCar driver Alex Palou, well He’ll be at CGR for one more year. Also ran the American legion sponsorship this year…


And then suddenly, in the proverbial blink of an Eye, it was time to go to the Airport to Fly back to Eugene, Oregon, before making the drive to Bumfiddle Florence and return to my Sleepy ‘Ol Bungalow by The Sea. Where we’ve just Had our first significant Rainfall this past weekend since June, complete with a brief Thunderstorm! As Falls definitely arrived!