Wednesday, October 26, 2022

IndyCar Announces 2023 Testing and Season Schedules

As Welcome Back Spring training!


Pretty sure by now, Y’all are already aware of IndyCar having announced it’s three IN-Season tests, along with the Calendar for next year. Although I wasn’t expecting Indy Cars return to Spring Training to occur at the Thermal Club, which I only learned of last year. When that Cheeky Fellah Elton Julian claimed that’s where He met Don cusick to cement the Dealio that garnered IndyCar it’s vaunted 33rd Indianapolis 500 entry, with Stefan Stork’ Wilson at it’s controls…


As IndyCar will hold a two Day Open test on February 2-3 at the Thermal Club, before another two Day Open test at Mother speedway in April. Followed by the third and final Open test at Laguna Seca in September. For which I’ll let The Pit Window’s Mike Silver do All of the Heavy lifting.


As for the 2023 NTT IndyCar Series season Schedule, it features the same 17 races as last year’s calendar. With the only venue change being the return to the Streets of Downtown Detroit after leaving Belle Isle.


As you can read All of the Glowing words Heaped onto this typical IndyCar Press Release, with it’s No. 1 Puffed Shirt Mark Miles Crowing again over How GURR-REAT’ Indy Car is! Somebody pass me some Tums, as I think I’m gonna Ralf! As once again, Toronto and Oh Canada get the Shaft! By being the only IndyCar race exclusively on NBC’s “Popular” Spew! Peacock Network. With 13 races airing on Big NBC and three on USA Network…