Monday, November 16, 2015

USGP: A virtual Mud-bog as Rain pummels COTA during 2015 F1 weekend...

2015 Austin American Statesman & Circuit Of The Americas F1 Preview Program. (The Tomaso Collection)
As one of my loyal No Fenders readers Quipped to me over the USGP weekend: You'll definitely have something to write about...

·       Mark Danner
·       Whitey Johnson
·       Sir Elton John

Tues, October 20
Flew "The Friendly Skies" once again to Austin via Houston, as it seems "WEIRD!" To have to land at Houston for a second 30min flight, which basically as soon as the Big 'Ol Jetliner, nee Airbus A321 got to its low altitude ceiling immediately began its descent!

As my only issue with my four flights was being given a window seat for A-L-L 4X flights, which makes I-T extremely difficult to discern when the Flight Attendant's talkin' to Mwah, for which I asked twice on my first flight from Seattle when the Drinks cart came round before she said: "MR. WINDOW!" For which I retorted I CANNOT S-E-E!

ARSE-sumin' the man in the middle seat next to me didn't want' an OJ Bath, right?

Arrived at 10PM to what our second flight's captain said was 76 degrees-f with 10mph winds and was surprised by how busy the airport was at that time 'O night...

Thurs, Oct 22
Claudio took Mwah to hear Mark Danner speak at "UT," the home of "Bevo," University of Texas at Austin's school mascot, who's longhorn's reportedly inspired the "Hook 'N Horns" tradition.

As Danner, an Author, Journalist and Professor at UC Berkley was promoting his upcoming book Downward Spiral in UT's Courtroom...

Friday, Oct 23
Some of Y'all might have already read my previous No Fenders BLOB' (Blog) post 'bout how Camels would have been Mucho appreciated at the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) racetrack during the USGP weekend, although one family member's just noted how she wasn't real crazy 'bout smelling Cameley; Hya!

And although the Friday morning's FP1 (Free Practice) was devoid of any major WET STUFF! We got absolutely SOAKED both days we went to the track.

Since Y'all know that Hurricane Patricia sent a miserable Deluge 'O Precipitation thru Texas for 3 solid days - dumping a record 5.2-inches of RAIN on Saturday alone, a record for that day; YIKES!

As your humble No Fenders scribe was the only person who knew NOTHING 'bout the impending Hurricane before leaving for Austin, only hearing a late weather prediction of Thunderstorms for 3-days after the preceding week a record high of 98deg-f had been recorded...

Alexander Rossi driving for Manor Marussia F1 during practice for this year's USGP in Austin. (Source;
Yet after Friday afternoon's FP2 session got cancelled due to heavy RAIN! (and lightning) Which we wisely left after being soaked whilst the practice session went into "Hold" before ultimately being scrapped! Nelie saved my bacon as always! By having spare ponchos for us to utilize whilst it was 75-degrees & humid before pelting rain cascaded down upon us, albeit the Mucho appreciated poncho covering me down to my shorts kept my upper torso relatively dry, while my legs & feet were a different matter, especially my SOAKED shoes & Backpack!

Saturday, Oct 24
After Claudio pronounced I'd need to really, really, really plead with him to take us to the track Saturday, I elected for us to NOT even think of attending the predicted RAINFEST - since it was forecasted to be the WORST of the 3-Days!

Thus, I was relieved when we finally discovered at 5PM Saturday that Qualifying had been cancelled after vainly trying to hold out hope of running for 3+ hours - while it just rained & rained A-L-L Day long!

As the steady downpour made me reminisce 'bout sitting up into thy 'Wee hours at Blogmeister Miguel's Housianna during the Korean Grand Prix when Yeongam  was experiencing a Typhoon and some clever F1 Mechanics idly passed the time by floating paper boats down Pit lane from the shelter of their garages!

That evening Claudio pronounced to us that we were going to see Whitey Johnson perform at the Saxon Pub. As his band plays excellent Blues and "Whitey," whose real name is Gary Nicholson plays a wicked slide guitar, along with the lead vocals and various stories introducing the songs. As it was funny hearing the following song which Claudio had pulled up on Zed Internetz before our departure.

While the most poignant song of the evening for Mwah was when Whitey told us the story of how he'd gotten his nickname during the racially divided 1960's, which his five piece  band played an awesome version of - for which I can only find the solo version (below) that has the exact same moving intro...

(Program Courtesy of Austin Hostess Nelie)