Monday, November 30, 2015

Return of Fiat 124 Spyder Roadster entices Cabin Fever...

Over the Hills and Thru the Woods we Go to Grand-MaMa's House, as watch out for that Reindeer Grandma!

So it's been nothin' but gray, wet, dark 'N dreary here in Seattle now for what seems an eternity, ever since the early Winter's; Err pre-Fall Wind Storm knocked out Thy power for 36hrs 'Wayback on the weekend of Indy Cars season finale at Sonoma, August 30th, remember that Y'all?

Since just like Winter lasting six months, or Ground Hog Day, Indy Cars deep in the middle, or is I-T duh beginning of its L-O-N-G Winter's Slumber, with only another 246 Days 'til the 2016 season begins; CRIKEYS!

And it's been pilin' UP for awhile now, as we've endured multiple flooding along with wind storms and now freezing temps at night and perhaps a light dusting 'O snow this past Tuesday?

As betcha Y'all haven't even ever pondered this, eh? several areas of my local neighborhoods sidewalks have become GUNKED UP with storm debris, most notably leaves, twigs and branches, whilst the never ceasing rain continuously loosens the soil enticing the adjoining dirt to steadily encroach upon the sidewalk!

A-L-L of which makes I-T 'Uber Annoying to try doing my Blindman's Walk, aka somewhat methodically swing Thy white cane back 'N forth in front 'O Mwah...

As typically white canes only have a removable plastic tip, which is another story in itself; but I digress. Alas, having NO plow to speak of on Thy cane, it's somewhat annoying and mildly difficult trying to tap thru numerous piles 'O wet leaves, unstick said cane tip from the wet grass, dirt/mud 'N waltz thyself through the various blocks wherest Thy sidewalks lumpy at best concrete surface is slowly disappearing; URGH!

As I won't even get started on the myriad 'O branches, twigs & sticker bushes countless homeowners are too LAZY to keep trimmed back! Or how annoying its trying to discern your footpath thru the slippery surface of pine needles. Uhm, what's that Yuele Brenner  said 'bout Pine Cones being edible; Oh Never Mind!

Alas, when I was a 'Wee lad, which I think I've scribbled 'bout before here on some No Fenders post, my Grandma Jean who was a car lover had many eccentric models, including not one, but two Fiats! With the first being a blue X1/9 which I'd dearly Loved to have owned! Followed next by her creame coloured; Err Beige/Tan? 124, or was it a 128 Spyder? Since I just fondly recall toolin' about in that convertible.

Thus, its GURR-REAT! News to hear that Fiat's resurrecting this long forgotten iconic vehicle, having just recently read the news that the new 2017 Fiat 124 Spyder Roadster was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Now what's that 'Ol Beatles song bout I've found a Driver, right Mary Ellen? But I've got NO car, Beep-Beep!