Monday, November 9, 2015

Has Lewis gotten too Big for his Britches?

Funny how thy Young Louise 'JAGUAR Hamilton seemingly has become a somewhat polarizing figure, eh?

It strikes me as a 'Wee Bit Odd to publicly denounce your employer who's just given you Back-to-Back world championships over potentially having tossed the team's No. 2 driver a Bone, a la what Lewis Hamilton inferred after the Mexican GP - which I have NO idea if that was taken out of context? As it seems like Nico Rosberg would be the one to have sour grapes...

Now comes word that Lewis has implied that he's accomplished his impressive F1 career by his natural ability whilst thy withering 'DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher accomplished his massive racing feats by doing other things...

"It's true, Schumacher never did have to pose in his underwear on Instagram which is hard work."

As I don't doubt Hamilton's talent, but certainly cannot say I'm awed by his usage of the English language! As Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen recently pointed out he'll NEVER be Ayrton Senna! Nor wilst 'lil Seb Viddle'; Err Sebastian Vettel. As Mary Ellen so rightly pointed out there'll NEVER be another Senna.
As recall Hamilton publicly lambasted his then team-mate Bloody 'JENSE for not responding to his personal tweet, before Button politely pointed out he didn't follow Lewis TWIT-ER account...

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