Monday, November 2, 2015

F1: Mexico Tricks 'N Treats

Don't wanna say it was an exceptional race, but it was interesting, especially with A-L-L the Argy-Bargy occurring...

Once again NBC played its 'Uber ANNOYING 3-card Monty upon us loyal Celestial TV viewers, like where's Formula 1? As I haven't learned quite yet to look up the obscure CNBC Info-Commercial channel when I cannot find a television listing, a la Qualie - whilst NOT being amused by FREAKIN' Boxing blasting into thy living room for 20-extra minutes Saturday night at 10PM Pacific. Hmm? What's that Elton John song 'bout Saturday Nite's Alright - before lopping off five minutes coverage at a quarter 'til midnight in order to go to some riveting Football Show; URGH!

Not to mention making sure we lost 5+ minutes of F1 Broadcast time Post-race in order to go S-E-E some riveting Roundy-round Taxicabs' mid-race update from Martinsville; BARF! 

Sebastian Vettel simply melted down after his ex-Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo gave him a 1st-lap puncture. Then Vettel SPUN twice, the second resulting in a crash! Whilst Kimi Raikkonen had wrecked earlier vs. his "Friend" Valtteri Bottas for Scuderia Ferrari's first double Non-classified finish since Australia, 2006!

Mexico City's altitude of 7,300-feet caused a 20% loss/reduction of Downforce, along with cooling, etc, as brakes were an issue, especially when Nico Rosberg's caught on fire on Friday!

Thy Wee Willie Buxom (Will Buxton) threw out the amazing Stat that Felipe Massa  had gone Supersonic on Mexico's three-quarter mile front straight at an eye staggering 226.2mph!

Noting that Massa's speed would have been good enough for third at this year's Indianapolis 500, languishing behind  only Pole sitter Scott Dixon's 226.760 mph and Will Power's 226.350mph, and would have dislodged Simon Pagenaud (226.145mph) from the outside of Row-1; Aye Karumba! With Massa going even faster in the race with a speed of 227mph!


Team Willy's Valtteri Bottas claimed his second podium of the year after holding off another lunging pass by his good buddy Kimi Raikkonen, which saw the Iceman retiring with broken suspension after his younger Countryman saying NO WAY 'Kimster!

Mexican Sergio Perez didn't fail to endure himself to the 105,000+, or was I-T 120,000 Crazed Mexicali's at the Sold Out event? As "Checo" finished the race in a fine eighth place aboard his Force India Mercedes.

As what a special Day for Mexico, hosting its first Grand Prix in 23-years - with the Fans in absolute reverie, especially when "Checo" overtook Max Verstappen in the stadium section...