Monday, November 9, 2015

Susie Wolff calls Time on Formula 1 career

Whilst Lewis is off taking "Selfies" with Jaguar's, not everyone can be a Formula 1 driver enjoying the Limelight...

By now Y'all have heard that Susie Wolff, Williams F1 test driver has announced her impending retirement from thy pinnacle 'O motorsport at the end of the season. As the Team Willy driver has ruefully pointed out the dream is dead, and she'll not be able to move any further up the grid anytime soon.

Unfortunately, this AIn'T a new phenomenon, as I lamented earlier this year how the Female Factor in Formula 1 seemingly had hit the  proverbial wall when noting how Wolff's F1 career had plateaued at level of Test Driver status, whilst "Symona-Symona" (de Silvestro) had gone back Stateside for a second stab at Indy Cars.

Although I know it Won't happen, just had the CRAZY thought. What if Susie's hubby helped coerce Manor into giving her a race drive at the Minnowesqe Manor F1 team next year? I mean talk 'bout your publicity Coup, like talk 'bout your marketing bonanza, Eh! Just Sayin'