Monday, November 2, 2015

Rough Sledding at COTA

Still attempting' to dry out from thy past  weekend's Ultra Soggy Rain Affair at Circuit Of The Americas, nee COTA, where naturally attendance was Down due primarily to the W-E-T STUFF (weather) everyone endured over the three days.

As my only regret was for the Fans, Y'all know the ones drivers routinely thank like one of many "PSA's," (Public Service Announcement) as I'm thrilled I DIDN'T fall for the 'Ol Trickeroo' of waiting 'N waiting for a Rain delay to eventually cause Friday's (Free Practice) FP2  session to be cancelled, along with Saturday's Qualifications, wisely cancelled due to lightning!

While I'd experienced Qualie being canceled once before whilst on thy road to Suzuka, circa '04. When our Hosts told us upon arrival Friday evening: Suzuka NO Go; YIKES! After having driven all day in the ever increasing rain.

Yet, as I stood alongside Seeing Eye Guide Guy Claudio' in the steadily increasing rain Sunday morning at COTA, I was happy to leave after the winds had picked up for which I've never experienced before - Qualie's Q3 session was cancelled; Aye Karumba!

But I must say the race was a Blast and I yelled my hearty approval of Daniel Ricky' Ricciardo's fine overtaking maneuver on Lewis Hamilton for the race's early lead. Then asking Claudio if the track's Ash-fault' was drying out, which certainly would unfortunately return us to status quo, a la another Silver Arrows parade; Sigh!

And COTA might of taken I-T on the Chin financially, but for Mwah, they scored a massive Coo when Sir Elton John put on a splendid 2hr Post-race concert, for which I've never seen so many Fans stick around for the past 4yrs, as 40,000+ is a lot 'O Fans; especially in the MUD!

Regarding the loss of millions on Concessions, Boo Hoo-Hoo, Cry me a River Mr. Epstein! Like if the prices weren't so prohibitively expensive to begin with! Whilst certainly IndyCar would be thrilled with 101,000+ paying customers for a Road Race right?

As it was priceless hearing the countless vendors crying out Ice Cold Water and get your (paper) programs in the pelting RAIN Friday!