Tuesday, November 5, 2019

IMSA: 2019 Petit Le Mans Postscript

The Turner Motorsport #96 BMW GT3 with Bill Auberlen, Robby Foley and Dillon Machavern at Road Atlanta. (Image source: bmwblog.com)

As typical, we Didn't know who the Winners would be until the Chequered Flag flew 10 Hours later, literally for the lower tier GT Daytona Class runners...

This year I decided to watch, well Otay since I'm Blind, basically listen to the opening Television portion on what Ye OLD-est IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips; Hya! Refers to as Big NBC. Which the more I watch, the more I find myself saying Out-loud: Nothing but Commercials!

As I really enjoy Leigh Diffey as lead announcer, along with 'Ol Walldinger', nee A.J. Allmendinger and Calvin Fish, who seems to be the TV Booth Trio's Scholarly Professor, somewhat shrinking into the background...

As it seemed like some sort of Omen? Upon warming Thy Telie' up prior to the 9AM Pacific Broadcast Start, I tuned into Earth Odyssey with some unknown female Host named Dillon Drayer doing her best Wild Kingdom Animal Planet impersonation from the Amazon.

Although I missed the segment about Howler Monkeys, I did hear 'bout Tadpoles that Camouflage themselves right before a commercial break. Then the episode wrapped-up with a Cute 'N Cuddly segment about Sloths, I Kidz' Yuhs Not!

Then growing restless from the onslaught 'O TV Commercials, near the Two-hours mark, having stuck with the TV Broadcast since my Numero Uno Pitlane Reporter Professor B', aka Jon Beekhuis was "In the House!"

I finally Switched Off and departed for thou "Office' and the soothing tomes of Der Heindenmeier', nee John Hindhaugh & Company on IMSA Radio via Zed Internetz' instead.

And not sure of what was exactly said, since I was too busy laughing out loud. But racing driver Robin Liddell was in the Announce Booth and giving Jeremy Shaw some good natured ribbing 'bout keeping records on stone tablets; Err Slates.

As try finding out any definitive information upon Messer Shaw, who's Motorsports Journalism career apparently began in 1974. As I learned he was Editor at Ontrack Magazine, which I subscribed to for years.

Whilst I seem to remember Shaw most for his Colour Commentator work with the long defunct Chump Cars', nee Champ Car World Series circa 2003-07. Along with being the President of Team USA's Scholarship programme for aspiring Yanks to race Formula Fords abroad; But I Digress...

Thus Shaw and Liddell were having a brief Chinwag' about Scottish Racing Drivers Me Thinks, but I burst out laughing over Liddell's Quip 'bout was that when EJ' (Eddie Jordan) had Hair? Which was the Best Quip of the entire IMSA Radio Broadcast, which I listened to approximately 65-75% of during Saturday's 10hrs race.

Yeah, not gonna try recapping the entire ten hours. As Congrats to Dane Cameron, now a Three-times IMSA Prototypes Champion, and his Sidekick. As 'Ol SuperTex likens as that Montoyer' feller; Hya! Formally known as Juan Pablo Montoya.

As the Acura Team Penske No. 6 Duo claimed the 2019 IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship title by Trundlin' Home fourth, ending Cadillac's Stranglehold upon the Top rung's Daytona Prototypes (DPi) class they've held since the category's inception in 2014!

Although it was absolute Heartbreak City for the No. 5 Mustang Sally', better Slow that Mustang Down; Whoa Nelie! Really Bad Pun Thar!

As the Action Express Racing's (AXR) Mustang Sampling Cadd 'O-lacc', in its final race suffered an unheard of front Brake Caliber failure with some 20mins remaining whilst leading; CRIKEYS!

As I'd really like to see JB', nee João Barbosa take the Mustang Sampling sponsorship to Juncos Racing's #50 Cadillac DPi VR programme next year... 

And having not taken any Notes during the race, I believe it was with some 15mins left approx, during the race's final Caution period when I said DAMN! As the GT Daytona Class's Manufacturer's Championship slipped from the grasp of Acura to Lamborghini.

As Thy Leggy Juan', aka Katherine Legge, who was Acura's lone hope in her #57 Meyer Shank Racing Acura NSX GT3 Evo was passed by two competitors, most notably the #48 Paul Miller Racing LamborGenie' "Hurricane," swinging this championship the Italian's way.

Although Thar were two Birthday Boyz' celebrating in Victory lane, with Brazil's Pipo Derani Capping his 26th Birthday by winning the race!  

It was good 'Ol Bimmer Billy I was more interested in, who at nearly twice Pipo's age, was celebrating his 51st birthday in Electrifying Style!

As Bill Auberlen's team-mate Robby Foley suffered a most frightening Double Front Brake Calibers failure during GTD Qualifying! Sending the #96 Turner Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 to the back of the grid Saturday morning. Before Foley carved his way to the Sharp end of the GT Day-Toner' Classes leader-board.

Yet it was vintage Bill Power! As Auberlen relentlessly Hounded the GT Daytona leading #33 Riley Mercedes AMG GT3 during his final stint, which ran out of fuel on the race's final lap!

As Auberlen, with the help of his season long Co-driver Foley, and Enduro' Specialist Dillon Machavern, went on to record his 60th IMSA Victory, tying him with Scotty Scooter' Pruett for most IMSA Career victories Overall!

With the Californian emphatically claiming he'd be back next year, and the year after, and the year after - to Hopefully Break Pruett's record...

Meanwhile, Messer Hindhaugh Quipped how Thar was a Ford v Ferrari movie being played in "Reel Time," and Not on Celluloid! Right in Bloody Front of us in the GT Le Mans (GTLM) Class, as Ryan Briscoe gave chase to the leading Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 GTE, in the Chip Ganassi Racing's Ford GT's final Factory-backed event.

For which I'll let the Professional's do thoust Heavy lifting, and leave Yuhs wonderin' who came out on top in that final, for now hopefully. Ford vs. Ferrari Scrum.

Although I think the Ford v Ferrari movie should be arriving in theaters soon, El Correctomundo? As think I just read somewhere it Debuts November 15th...