Monday, November 11, 2019

F1: Hoof-beats Abound Upon longtime TV Viewer

As where's good 'Ol Nancy Sinatra when Yuhs needs Her? C'mon Sing It Sister', what are Yuhs gonna do with those Boots?

Yeah, know we're All supposed to be enraptured in thou Afterglow of Lewis Hamilton's momentous sixth Formula 1 World Championship but; just how long will it be until ESPN reverts to Hosing it's Cadre 'O Stateside F1 TV Viewers?

Although I'll never know whose Fault it is? Nevertheless, I'm growing so ever Freakin' Incensed over the total lack 'O caring by Thee Dizzying Networks 'O Shopping Channels Laissez-faire attitude regarding when the Formula 1 Encore Presentations will Air on Sunday Evenings!

Making me Groan over how much Wackum-Uh-Mole' I'll need to play to discern what time & channel thou Sunday'sGrands Prix, mostly the time it'll really be shown upon?

Hence, I simply cannot comprehend how Liberty Media will ever Grow thou Sport in the U.S if it's depending upon that so coveted Demographic, the Casual fan... Since it's almost impossible to guess when 'N where to Drop-in to view a Formula 1 race Stateside these Days...

As a longtime F1 Aficionado of over three Decades now, Seeing Formula 1 get Punted by the various Cavalcade 'O Stick 'N Ball Cable TV Networks is Nothing new to Mwah, but Doesn't mean I like it!

Yet as a legally Blind Fan for an eternity now, I rely 100% upon my NFB Newsline for The Blind's Zap2it' TV Guide via my telephone, for which I get to play Find the Freakin' F1 Broadcast each 'N every Formula 1 race weekend, which seemingly are just thrown together willy-nilly? Uhm, why does the words Willy Vanilla spring to mind, Eh?

Hence, I was somewhat surprised hearing Duh Mothers Shoe Polish lady saying Russia was next week when Thanking us profusely for watching another Sliced 'N Diced F1 Television Programme; Huh? Following the end of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Case in point,
checking my Zap2it's TV Guide's info several days ahead, since typically I like to check sometime early during the week to find Friday's second (Free Practice) FP2 session, Qualie' and the race on at least two different TV Channels, or three lately.

My TV Guide told me that le Duesh', aka ESPN2 would be replaying the Russian Grand Prix Sunday evening from 5-7:30PM Pacific, for which I spent All Day Sunday in a virtual Blackout Ah-waitin' the riveting Sochi F1 Race; Nyet!

As 5PM Pacific came 'N went as I feverishly scrambled round the "dial," since ESPN2 was hosting some Farcical Carey Irving Made for TV Docu-Drama; BARF!

so very unwisely I began searching the Outer limits, nee ESPNU and ESPNews and Gory Hell, Thars' the race on ESPNews Channel 412; WTF!

And even worse yet, good 'Ol Kroftie', nee David Kroft announced how Chuck LuhCluck', aka Charles Leclerc was trailing Valtteri Bottas in the race's closing stages - SHIT! I Didn't want to know the results yet BASTARDOES!

As Florencian F1 Spotter Jeannie then informed me that the race was being shown at 6PM Pacific on ESPN2, whilst for reasons unknown, those Nincompoops at Walt Disney were showing it from 3-5:30PM Pacific on ESPNews, which has never replayed the Grands Prix before; SHEISA!

But I still watched the majority of the Russian Grand Prix on le Duesh', since I pretty much knew the results but not how they occurred. Especially how Leclerc got Hosed Again by la Scuderia!

And what's that 'Ol Saying? Rinse, lather and Repeat? So guess what Kiddoes? Yep, my Zap2it TV Guide told me that the Japanese Grand Prix would be replayed Sunday evening on ESPN2 from 6-8:30PM, for which I somewhat; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller? Uhm, Oh Yeah, Cough-Cough, eagerly awaited watching; Err listening to.

But how's that saying go? Fool Me Once, Shame On You? As I decided to re-check my TV Guide around Noon Sunday, and guess what? Yep, le Duesh' had changed Thar Minds and moved it forward one hour to air from 5-7:30PM Pacific instead...

Holy Never Ending Time Changes Batman!


And that's my Story and I'm Sticking to It! As I haven't even mentioned how the Pre-race Arse-sumedly got chopped from the Japanese Grand Prix, being on the main ESPN Network, which I Didn't Stay Up for.

Although it's been quite a pleasant change to have watched; Err listened to the majority of the Mexican and U.S. Grands Prix on thou Big ABC and Not have to worry about le Duesh' playing el Switcheroo with Thar Encore Presentations, since the live airings have actually been at a decent Daylight Hour for us West Coast Formula 1 viewers!

And Thars only two more races left for those Jackalopes at ESPN2, or whatever Magical Kingdom Stations to play Abra Cadabra upon us...