Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A few More thoughts about Roger's latest Acquisition

Roger Penske's Debutante Indianapolis 500 winning racecar. The Sunoco blue 1972 McLaren-Offenhauser that Mark Donohue drove to Victory - On Display at the IMS Museum, circa 2010. (The Tomaso Collection)
As surely, Uhm, Don't Call Me Shirley! Thou permeations 'O a Blind Word Hack ardently matter...

Funny, when you've known of someone via motor racing for decades. As Hell, it was his being interviewed upon that 'Ol SPEED TV Show Wind Tunnel with Ye 'Ol Windbag Dave Despain, where he sat majestically in his racecar museum over a Gory Decade ago that inspired Mwah to visit it on thou next visit to Arizona...

My Inaugural Penske Racing Museum visit

Oh Yeah, stay focused Tomaso. And Don't look at that Uber Bright Thingy' in thoust Scottsdale sky! Uhm, but when El Capitano', nee Roger Penske buys Mother Speedway, what's that old E.F. Hutton saying? When Roger speaks, People listen!

Alas, the more I read 'N listen to 'bout Penske buying thou Hallowed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the IndyCar series, the more I tend to believe that this is indeed the best outcome possible of the few buyers that Tony George approached.

Now, I'll say my main worry, beside Roger wiping out the time honoured tradition of the Fastest 33 Cars racing in the Indy 500. As Bloody Hell! With All of Roger's financial might, not to mention crushing the opposition with a record 18 wins. Shouldn't he be capable of mustering competitive entries? But I Digress...

Nah, instead I worry about the Elephant in The Room that nobody's talking 'bout. As in what happens when Roger, who turns 83 next February finally takes the Chequered Flag? And what is the succession plan?

Helio Castroneves Team Penske Dallara DW12 Show Car on Display at the Indianapolis Airport for that year's Indy 500 event. (The Tomaso Collection)
Knowing Penske has a few sons previously, and hearing the name Greg Penske mentioned as part of Roger's entourage that visited Mother Speedway the day after the shocking announcement. I pondered just what was Gregory's role in the Penske Hierarchy?

As Roger has four sons and a daughter from two marriages. As Roger Jr. and Gregory are from his first wife, whilst the current Mrs. Penske, Cathy had three children, Blair being the lone girl and then Mark and the youngest being Jay, who's dabbled in Open Wheel Racing as a Team Owner with mixed success, Righto Katherine Legge?

Can't find out how old Greg is, but he seems to be well suited to continue his Pappy's legacy.

Reportedly Gregory who graduated from Cornel University with a Degree in Business Management in 1984 has worked his way up the ranks, working in various Car Dealerships before ascending to the role of Chairman and CEO of the Penske Motor Group.

While Greg was also the past President and CEO  of Penske Motorsports, Inc. which was the Racetrack portion of Roger's empire, responsible for today's Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA, along with the other racing circuits Penske once owned. And also serves on the Board of Directors of the Penske Corporation.

Whew, as I was afraid that the only two Penske sons I knew about, most notably being Jay, would somehow be involved? Although I suppose they All are in some way, shape or form, Righto?

Although having previously been Harangued here on No Fenders for divulging the News over Mark and Jay's Drunken Outing at a Nantucket Yacht Club Wayback in 2012.

Not to mention Jay's less than elegant Dismissal of thy Leggy Juan', nee Katherine Legge from his former IndyCar Team Dragon Racing.

As Roger Junior must feel the weight of that name? Since I cannot find out anything about him, and Don't care 'bout Mark, whilst Jay makes my stomach turn! But Greg has a very impressive resume of multiple Management positions that seemingly make him well suited to continue the Penske Tradition into the future. Especially since the Penske's seem to be much more fiscally well off vs. the Hulman-George's...

And what can I say 'bout El Capitano that hasn't already been said, written or published? Roger's always been a Class Act, even if I Don't like him always winning.

And even though he's legendary for having "The Unfair Advantage!" He seems determined to make sure there's No Hints of Conflict of Interest impropriety as he moves forward as Mother Speedway's new owner, for which Penske will be a great fit...

(Photos c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')