Monday, November 4, 2019

Hulman & Co. Sell Indianapolis Motor Speedway to Roger Penske

And we All thought that James Hinchcliffe's Dismissal was Big News...

I must have been fairly Shocked when first hearing the News via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service when perusing The Detroit News first thing this morning. Since my initial reaction was that somebody was pulling April Fool's upon Mwah...

As I find this transaction to be fairly Surreal, and talk about El Capitano's legendous notoriety for having "The Unfair Advantage!" And what did "The Split" really accomplish?

Ironically the unbelievable selling of the Hallowed Mother Speedway comes just One year after the passing of the Speedway's Matriarch Mary Hulman George, and ultimately looks like a convenient way for the remaining George's to Cash-in upon their Family's legacy.

Naturally, Financial terms of the Deal, transferring control to the Penske Entertainment Corporation, a subsidiary of The Penske Corporation were not Divulged. While the Deal also includes the IndyCar Series and IMS Productions.

And while Penske won't be the first IndyCar Team Owner to Own the Speedway and a competing IndyCar Team, since that honour falls to Tony George who briefly dabbled as an IndyCar Team Owner with the formation of his Vision Racing Team. Nonetheless, why are the words Conflict of Interest Screaming in my Head? Even if Roger's known for having The Midas Touch upon everything he owns.

As my initial Fear is that Roger Penske will Stomp upon one of Mother Speedway's most important traditions, since he's the loudest voice Bellowing for Guaranteed Starts for All Full Season IndyCar Teams, instead of the Fastest 33 Cars taking the Green Flag each Memorial Day weekend...

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