Friday, November 22, 2019

F1: Talking Cats, Tyre Compounds and Formula Fords

Along with All of the other typically Free Flowing Tidbits Tossed Out over the somewhat Casual, laid-back Friday's Free Practice sessions...

Although this year's Mexican Grand Prix second Free Practice (FP2) session was anything but laid back for Alexander Albon, who had a mighty Shunt, at what 'Ol Kroftie', nee David Kroft somewhat interjected was at a "Pedestrian" 65mph; WHUMP!

Although to be Fair to Messer Albon, who's Hands Down, my Favourite F1 Rookie this year. Lance Stroll also crashed his Racing Point F1 car, causing the first Red Flag period of the Day.

And due to Mexico City's extreme Altitude, with the figure of 2,240 Meters - which I can still hear 'Ol Professor (Steve) Matchett saying is "New Money." And in "Old Money" is 7,350 Feet.

Thus, the Thin Air coupled with the mornings FP1 Session being relatively cool, along with a "Green Track," having rained the night before caused major consternation for all of the runners trying to see how the various Tyre Compounds, i.e.; Soft-Medium-Hard worked out?

As Kroftie' noted how he just didn't think the Soft rubber would last for a One Stop race, and was hoping for a Two-stopper instead. While Theodore, Not Lenny! Kravitz; Hya! Sky Sports Jovial F1 Pitlane Reporter tried tying the extra stop theory to also helping cool the Brakes...

To which Kroft Dryly noted that the Brakes reach a maximum of 1200C' as in Centigrade temperature, which he said was the same for molten Lava!

Yet, suppose somewhat since I cannot See the Formula 1 Cars Onscreen... I enjoyed the Bits 'O Humour Thrown into the Broadcast's veritable Spin Cycle.

As Johnny Herbert was Brilliantly Cheeky' over his pouring Salt in 'Ol ANT's, nee Anthony Davidson's wounds! As Herbert laid it on overly Thick, with a wide Paint-brush; Err roller! Proclaiming he was the Best Driver Ever to Win in Formula Ford's! Regarding a viewer's Tweet asking if Thar were any F1 Drivers today who cut their teeth in the Feeder Series?

As Johnny cheerfully said, sorry but the Best Ain't Anthony Davison; Hya! As Kroftie' jokingly said too bad we can't read Ant's reply!

And it's really hard finding any definitive information upon Ye Intrawoods', other than Herbert won the 1985 British Formula Ford Festival, ahead of 100 Competitors!

As Kudos to Johnny for ultimately making it to Formula 1, even if his true potential was never realized - due to his massive racing accident at Brands Hatch, which massively damaged his legs & feet!

Since I still recall reading somewhere a million years ago how even after Johnny returned to racing, bits 'O rubber 'N Ash-fault were still seeping out of his feet a year later when being a Formula 1 Rookie for Benetton. And perhaps even years afterwards?

But the Funniest Quip of the Day's two TV Broadcasts was when Messer Kroft read another viewers Tweet 'bout the practice being so Boring it put his Cat to Sleep!

To which it was not only Brilliant that Kroftie' read this out loud, but his answer was priceless. Dryly inquiring What do you Talk to Cats about?

Although perhaps Thars Somme-thun' to this Sleepy Felines thingy' after all? Since after Maximus Hothead went Max Agro', first playing Bumper Cars with Golden Child; Whahhhh! Max raced me Hard...

And then Slicing his tyre against Valtteri Bottas Front Wing Endplate; Ro-Ro! Along with la Scuderia toasting Charles Leclerc's race strategy once again; SHEISA!

Hmm, Seriously? Did I really read that Ferrari was covering Red Bull Racing's No. 2 Alexander Albon's Pit-stop? And were truly worried 'bout Albon unexpectedly winning?

Nope, as the race once again settled into another procession. As Claudio' later inquired how I'd enjoyed the F1 Parade? I replied that I'd fallen asleep somewheres shortly after Golden Child Whinnied 'bout were Mercedes sure they'd put him on the right tyre strategy?

And continued inspecting thou insides of my Eyelids until that riveting Top-3 Drivers interview by Bloody Jense', as Seb', you must be Disappointed not to be able to be on the Top Step of the Podium today...