Friday, November 1, 2019

AUTOS: What Not to Do at a Car Show!

As Thars' a Good Reason for those signs sayin' Do Not Touch!

Don't know if Y'all heard 'bout the IDIOT TV Reporter who was Rightly Fired from his Job after his employer, Good Day Sacramento's KMAX-TV Television Station learned of his STUPIDITY! When Angel Cardenas thought it would be fun to Stand Atop a Vintage Ford Thunderbird!

Not to mention Dinging another T-Bird parked alongside! And for the Coup de Grace, he jumped upon the hood of a new Ford Hybrid with a sign in front of it saying Do Not Touch!

As what's that 'Ol Waylon song 'bout Momma don't let your Baby grow up to be Stupid? Even if he's a Pretendah' posing as a Good 'Ol Boy', never meanin' No Harm. He's Definitely in Trouble with the Law; Err his Employer now...

And although 'Ol Bo Duke, nee Johnny Schneider Done Stood Atop one of those classic Dukes 'O Hazard Cars, apparently now over a decade ago. I'm pretty G-Damn certain he had permission to do so, especially since it was his own car! When the Boss General Lee sold for a ridiculous $450k at Barrett Jackson's '08 Scottsdale, AZ auction. For which I can No longer find the video of Johnny singing the TV Show's Theme Song...