Sunday, November 17, 2019

It's Here!

As have Yuhs been to a Movie Theatre lately?

Not sure when I'll see it, since I'm planning to G-O with thou Florencians' as soon as I return Home. But eagerly await watching 'N listening to Ford v Ferrari on Thee Big Screen, which Debuted in Movie Theaters Nationwide Friday, November 15th.

Impressively, All of the racing scene footage was Shot upon Period Correct "Stages," which utilized two Racetracks, a secluded five mile country road and a LA Airport. With No Computer Generated Images (CGI) used.

Awesome machinery was used for the actual racing cars, led by a Superformance GT40 replete with a Nasty Big Block 427cid V-8 Thumper playing the lead role! Along with a cadre of Star Drivers, led by three sons of actual past Shelby American racers.

As Alex Gurney,  Derek Hill and Jeff Bucknum led the roster of Stunt Drivers, along with a Rallying TV Star, Drifter and former Corvette Racing Sports Car Ace...