Monday, August 8, 2022

I Will Not be Driving for Insert Race Team Here Next Year, Insert Drivers Name Here!

C’mon Down Oscar, You’re the latest Driver who Wants to Go Somewhere else!


Presumably since I’m continuing to get Old-ER’, I simply cannot remember such a Shit Show surrounding Planet McLaren! Or being able to Process, Disseminate and scribble everythingy’ that occurs daily in the 24/7 News Cycle we live in. Having “Coined” the phrase long ago that Motor Racing Never Sleeps!


Especially since it’s 30 Odd years ago that some Dude named Flavio Poached a young German driver away from EJ’, nee Eddi Jordan. Who’s name was Michael Schumacher…


Naturally after I’d Squeezed in briefly here upon No Fenders the news of Fredrico Suave’s “surprise” move to Aston Martin next year as ‘lil syd viddle’s replacement. And that surely Alpine would be shortly announcing Oscar Piastri as Fred Alonso’s replacement for 2023, Kuhblamoe!


Following alpine’s announcement Tuesday that the 21yr Old Australian would be joining Esteban Ocon next year in the obligatory Press Release, Shuhzamm! Piastri pulled an Alex Palou! Taking to TWIT-ER’ to proclaim that Ahem, Alpine’s Press Release wasn’t endorsed by Him and that He wouldn’t be driving for Alpine next year!


Sound Familiar? Since it comes across to Mwah that somebody named Zak Brown’s got His Fingerprints All Over It! And the Media’s quickly made the same conclusion, noting the distinct similarities between the Chip Ganassi Racing v Palou Spat. And now Alpine v Piastri.


For which Racer’s Chris Medland notes that Piastri’s move implies He’s signed for another team. While Alpine Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer Bluntly said He Doesn’t know what Oscar’s signed wit McLaren, when noting that communication Had Broken down wit Piastri…


As the only thing that’s different is that McLaren’s staying Mum upon the subject, making me think that Szafnauer’s trying to throw a Spanner into Brown’s Driver manueverings! Although  this matter definitely sounds like it’s headed straight to the FIA Contract Recognition Board Tootsweet!


Thus it also sounds like the Handwriting’s on the Wall for the embattled DannyRic’, nee Daniel Riccardo’s departure from McLaren F1 nexxt year, regardless of having a year remaining on His current contract.


But it just really makes me wonder mostly how Alex Palou and Colton Herta will feel about this, along with Pato O’Ward to lesser effect. Since the Mexican seems somewhat resigned to the fact He’s an IndyCar Driver. While Felix Rosenqvist is getting the Shaft by being pushed over to Formula E!


As what’sthat ‘Ol don Henley song about You Can’t Get the Genie Back into the Bottle…