Thursday, August 4, 2022

IndyCar throws down on Massive Double Header return to Iowa

But did they come for Gwen Stefani or the IndyCar races?


Think I’ve scribbled previously,? That I find myself Far more Interested in the IndyCar Championship this year vs. Formula 1, albeit having a Hard time keeping up with everything currently happening in this Jam Packed sequence of five races in four weeks!


Thus electing to get up early Saturday morning Justin-time’ to listen to the entire Qualie’ session beginning at 7:30AM Pacific, which didn’t seem nearly as Obnoxious as Formula 1 Qualifying from Le Casslet, France.


And being Blind, have I mentioned that lately? I find it far more appealing listening to the IndyCar Radio Network, especially when Kevin the Werewolf! Lee’s sitting in Leigh Diffey’s Chair. Not to mention that thee Mayor ‘O Hinchtown’, aka james Hinchcliffe just seems way too Gory Polite! And I easily tire of His and (Townsend) T-Bell’s Chip ‘N Dale No No, I insist routine utterly Boring…


Musing to myself that Josef Newgarden sounded Pissed during the Post Qualifying interviews after His Penske teammate Will Power Had snatched Both races Poles away from Him! Seeing DJ WillyP’ claim Pole positions #65-66 and bringing Him withing one Pole of tying the legednous’ SuperMario’, aka Mario Andretti for All-time IndyCar Career Poles!


Thus I’d say this serious Agro’, nee Agravation served as Josef’s impetus for the Beatdown He put upon the field Saturday afternoon, leading an insane 208 of 250 lap, Aye Karumbas!


And with the Indy Lights race following at 9:20AM, (Pacific) I decided what’s that expression those bloody Brits use about In for a Pound, In for a Farthing, Hya!


As the Lights race’s finish was quite controversial, with eventual race winner Hunter McElrea freely admitting He’d been Lucky! And that Mathew Brabham Had been robbed!


As series Points leader Linus Lundqvist put a Squeeze Job (Block) upon Mattie B’ who definitely Had a Full Head ‘O Steam run for the lead, and looked intent on passing for the win! Before Lundqvist squeezed Him into the Wall!


Brabham suffered a broken front Wing and dropped from second to P4 at the Chequered Flag with Lundqvist initially winning with McElrea and Christian Rasmussen on the Podium. Yet Indy Lights Stewards correctly assessed Lundqvist a three place penalty for Avoidable Contact, thus dropping to fourth, with everybody moving one step forward.


As a Peeved Brabham found little solace in finishing third! Noting how He’d set His car up for the race, and saw Linus giving Him the High line. To which Brabham said Ok, Thank You very Much, I’ll take the High line and the lead before He just came up on me…


Next up in the Day’s Heat, with a High of 98 degrees Fahrenheit, was it 99f or triple digits of 100f? And 80% Humidity! Many were saying that the Point Standings could change drastically following Indy Cars only Double Header race of the season. Especially at Josef Newgarden’s Playground, where Newgarden Had won three of the previous six races before His Saturday Beatdown!


Current Points leader Marcus Ericsson’s day seemed to go “Pear Shape” after battling Will Power for second. As I believe it was Power’s teammate ScottyMac’ (Scott McLaughlin) that Marcus decided to try going around upon the High line and went up into the marbles and almost became a passenger Headed for the Wall!


Although Ericsson saved Himself, the Swede dropped to ninth and then as far back as P11. Never able to recover before ultimately finishing P8 and seeing Newgarden trim His Championship lead to just a scant 15 points, i.e.; 375-360. While Power dropped to third, only 22 points behind.


Enjoyed IndyCar Radio Network’s Michael young’s telling Christian Lundgaard that a ‘lil Birdie had told Him it was Lundgaard’s Birthday Saturday. (7/23) Wanting to know if celebrating His Birthday at Newton Iowa was the strangest place He’d celebrated His Birthday? To which I believe Lundgaard replied He’d spent His Birthday prior at Sebring. As the Dane’ was celebrating His 21st Birthday.


Also enjoy Messer Young asking Dalton Kellett if we’d be seeing the Rush tribute Helmet again at Iowa? To which Dalton mentioned He’d run it during practice Friday, and who knew about the racing weekend?


Nothing against Christian Lundgaard, who Racer’s Marshall Pruett picked to be Rookie Of the Year (ROY) but, the Dane’ simply does Nothing for me on ye Excitement meter. As I failed to get the points numbers before Iowa’s first race, albeit knowing that Lundgaard’s lead for ROY had increased from 14 points going into Toronto, leading David Malukas 159-145. And I know that Lundgaard increased that gap to 20 points following Toronto. And unfortunately for Mwah, the Gap’s going in the wrong direction! As Malukas fell further behind following Iowa’s first race; then trailing Lundgaard 203-179 in the ROY points chase.


As I’m a Huge Fan of Malukas’s if Y’all couldn’t figure that out? And I really want Him to win Rookie Of the Year, especially after that Farcical annontment of some ex-roundy round “Star” Driver at Mother speedway this May…


Sounds like Thar was an entertaining back ‘n forth between Saturday’s runner-up Pato O’Ward and third place finisher Will Power during the Post-rae Press Conference. As Pato apparently told Will to Quit being so Negative Man! Over Power lamenting Not being able to do anything vs. Newgarden. To which Power shot back You try passing Him Man!


And thus, it seemingly was already Done ‘N dusted for Race-2 on Newgarden’s Playground to see Josef winning another race at Iowa Sunday…