Monday, August 1, 2022

Lingering Noise from Toronto, While Ferrari Melts in France

Ratings? We Got Your Red Hot Rating Here! Read All About It…


Yeah, I know I’m woefully Behind as Always Here on Ye Isle ‘O Nofendersville Mateys. But Y’all try having to paddle the Canoe over to the Mainland to get a Newspaper that’s several Days Old! Not to mention trying to not dump Ye Groceries out on the way back, Hya!


As I know, I really need to just let this go, But! Since others on Ye Blogosphere are Bangin’ on about the virtues of Peacock and Kevin Lee, then I feel compelled to offer my Opposing views…


One of the things I Hate most in our Capitalistic Society is the Corporate doublespeak we’re constantly Bathed in. Like c’mon Indy Cars Numero Uno Puffed Shirt Mark Miles, who Always Struts round telling us How Ratings are going thru the Ceiling for IndyCar, Blah Blah Blah!


Then don’t Y’all just Love How “They” Bury their collective Heads in the Sand with Thar Tailfeathers in the Air singing Falalalalalah, I Cannot Her You  when their vaunted Ratings Suck!


Since now I’ve figured out where Marshall Pruett’s weekly Podcasts are Hiding and that there’s actually a Play Button that’s Screen Reader Friendly… I’ve started listening again weekly. And was Amused Hearing Marshall note during one of His recent The Week In IndyCar episodes How He’d tried looking several times for Any Numbers upon the Peacock Only Toronto IndyCar Broadcast.


Think Marshall said He’d checked show biz(dot)com? But they only post figures for shows that get Over 200,000 viewers, and the IndyCar Toronto Race Never Showed Up. Peep Peep, Crickets!


Meanwhile, like I’ve said before and will keep saying. If you’re paying extra Dinero for Streaming, then shouldn’t you be getting your Money’s Worth? And instead of having the Backup lead Announcer Kevin The Werewolf! Lee filling in, you should be Hearing Leigh Diffey leading the Call! As Kevin is Not a Great lead Announcer contrary to those on Ye Blogosphere! As how can I say this nicely? Uhm, Kevin’s Falsetto is just Horribly Unbelievable, and He should just stick to being a Pit Reporter instead…


All of which only makes me even more Happy listening to the IndyCar Radio Network instead! Which if you’re Blind like Mwah, “Paints” a far superior “Pictuer” than TV does…


Yes, I understand that IndyCar Stupidly agreed to one race being exclusively on Peacock, But! Seriously Comcast? Three measly Hours of Law and Order or Chicago PD Re-runs are More profitable than airing a live IndyCar race? Then Houston, we’ve Definitely Got A Problem! Not to mention once again Hosing our IndyCar Fans Up North Eh!


How ‘bout that Miles Rowe!

Otay, if I’m gonna Pile on Indy Cars, then I suppose I also need to acknowledge when the “Powers to Be” do something Right or good! Which I also learned via Pruett’s aforementioned Podcast.


As Marshall noted that several Fans Up North Eh! In TO’, aka Toronto along wit Himself Had noticed Force Indy Deckles’ on Myles Rowe’s #22 Pabst Racing Services racecar.


Noting that El Capitano’, nee RP’, aka Roger Penske who’d anonymously given Rowe’s Go Fund Me page a $200,000 Donation earlier this year! With Myles Hoping He’d be able to complete His U.S. F2000 season after creating the page since He Didn’t have any Funding to pay for His ride.


Pruett casually mentioned how RP” had just told Rowe to keep doing Good Things “race wise” and it’d work out. As Penske has now (rightly) apparently picked up the remaining portion of Funding Myles needs to finish the season. Which is Great since Myles has been battling for the Championship all season long.


As Rowe has scored three Pole positions and won five races to date. And not only leading the Points standings much of the season, is currently the Points leader with just the final three rounds remaining at Portland over September 2-4.


Rowe has reportedly been having a Battle Royale with Cape Motorsports Michael D’Orlando, whom roe leads 345-323. While Rowe’s teammate Jace Denmark is third with 322 points.




Ferrari Melts in French Heat…

What started out as a very good race at Le Castellet’s Circuit Paul Ricard, France. With la Scuderia’s Charles Leclerc on Pole position ahead of Red bull’s Max Verstappen quickly went “Pear Shaped” for Ferrari!


Leclerc withstood Verstappen’s challenge when the lights went Green and seemed to be in control of the race. As the Monegasque driver’s Ferrar’s High Downforce package seemed to be keeping the Red Bull at bay thru the Twisty’ bits. Yet Leclerc threw it away during a Millisecond’s lack of concentration, spinning on His own and totally Blamed Himself for Crashing into the Tyre barrier at Turn 11 on lap 18!


And then it seemed like the race became another Snoozer, since Sky Sports Talking Headz’ just began prattling on about anybody besides Max Headroom’, nee Maximilian’, ergo Verstappen who was cruising to another victory, Ho Hum!


As Verstappen scored His seventh win of the season and 27th Grands Prix win Overall. Tying Him with the legendous’ Wee Scot, nee JYS, aka Sir Jackie Stewart! As Verstappen’s in some pretty rare company now, and He seems like He’s just getting “Warmed Up!” Could this be the new Schumacher, Yawn!


Meanwhile, the end of the race was totally chaotic! And I’m a Wee Bitamyte’ surprised I cannot find anything on the Intrawoods’ (internet) about the Farcical Ferrari Pit Strategy employed upon Carlos Sainz, Jr.


As the Spaniard seemed destined to finish third before Ferrari told Him to Box box Box! Right in the middle of His fighting Sergio Perez for the final Podium spot!


As Sainz dropped down to P9 and could only get back to fifth, while Perez and George Russell tussled Ah-Mighty over the final Podium spot, which I totally believe that Sainz would have claimed, even with His 5 second penalty for an Unsafe Pitstop release.


And for those who still don’t think Racing Drivers are Athletes, it was amazing Hearing How Hard both Leclerc and Sainz were Breathing due to the Heat, Excessive G-Forces and Oh Yeah, driving at some Gory 150-200mph while talking on their In Car radios!


For which I totally agreed with Sainz who said repeatedly I don’t Understand! When being told to come to Pitlane for a second Pitstop…