Monday, August 29, 2022

F1: toto still Crying Wolf! FIA Mandates lift Kits as Porpoise Gate continues

Although the Oscar Piastri Contract Row might be making more Noise?


Initially when I Heard the Headline via my NFB Newsline for The Blind’s telephone service for the Daily Mail’s F1 section Wayback on August 5th. Proclaiming that Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton could Develop Brain Damage from Porpoising, I immediately Bellowed Out to my telephone, then Retire Lewis!


As why does this make me think of the NFL’s Concussion Syndrome and CTE Brain injury? For which I’m pretty sure the NFL’s just begun another Pre-season and very few Football Players are Quitting the Sport, Righto?


And although I’m Not a Fan of Red Bull’s Pied Piper Chris Kringle’ Horner, I have to say after reading, Err listening to the Daily Mail’s article and other stories on Ye Intrawoods’, nee internet. I thinkg that ‘Ol Chris may have a point about Herr wolff’s crying of Crocodile Tears in order to mitigate the woeful performance of His cherished Silver Arrows entry! Since we All know that the Mercedes W13 chassis seemingly has been the Frontrunner doing the most Porposing. For which as Horner said, there’s an easy solution, increase your Bloody Ride Height toto!


One of the reasons I became enamoured with Formula 1 some Gory three-plus Decades ago was because each ‘N every F1 constructor Had to Build their own chassis and ultimately develop a Better “Mousetrap” if they weren’t that year’s Formula 1 Constructors Champion. In what’s the ultimate example of Pulling thouse Self Up by Thar Bootstraps! Or should that be Lederhosen or leggings, Herr Wolff?


Now I take Brain Damage to be a very Serious subject, for which Toto mentioned the overly High amount of Hertz frequency both of His Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are experiencing, and that the car’s recent performance improvements are largely to running on smoother tracks.


Yet wolf subsequently claims that since Barcelona forwards, Mercedes Has gotten a Handle upon it’s Porpoising issues with the addition of a Floor Stay and other modifications, albeit I don’t think He said they’re 100% solved? And then Hints that it’ll be very interesting at Spa to see how Red Bull and Ferrari cope with the FIA’s 2022 Rule’s “Tweak” regarding this issue. Since toto thinks that both F1 rivals floors are perhaps Flexing too much…


Meanwhile Golden child’, aka Sir Lewis has publicly stated He thinks they’re closing the Gap upon Ferrari, although Red Bull’s still a bit too far Ahead. And that the 37yr  Old Briton’ has No plans on retiring anytime soon, and may even seek a further Contract extension. All of which Don’t sound like Hamilton’s too worried about his physical Health, Eh?


Supposedly the World Motor sport council’s (WMSC) set to Rubber Stamp the FIA’s 2023 Rule changes regarding the Porpoising issue despite F1 Teams claiming their next year F1 challengers are already too far down the development Pipeline. Although these new Rules won’t be announced until a further Date…


And being Blind, I won’t be able to discern how the modified rules to supposedly go into force at last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix affected the racecars.


While I suppose I should give Toto a little latitude? Since it’s not the first time a Formula 1 competitor has cried Foul over His fellow Compezione. Since I still recall Flexi Gate and how both Ferrari and Red Bull have been accused of “Cheating” by cleverly designing composite wings to “Droop” under loading but pass the mandatory Static tests. And then Didn’t Max Verstappen get a $50.000 Euros fine last year for touching Hamilton’s Rear wing regarding Mercedes perceived Flexing advantage?


But still, I Don’t think throwing the words Brain Damage around casually are the way to go Toto!