Friday, June 15, 2012

May be Ganassi should add Sawzall to its Sponsorship portfolio?

As wouldn’t Yuhs know it, Dashley LePew (Dario Franchitti) who runs in the colours of Suave, Charmin and Kleenex -Sob, POOR Dashley... Who just bumped Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson off of his provisional Pole position at the Milwaukee Mile musta found some additional speed after  sawing off said body part after the lanky Englishman’s victory at Texas, eh?

Recall that Dashley claimed he’d have cut off an appendage to make up the perceived advantage Justin’s car had at Texas.

''I asked my engineers how much downforce would that have given him. They gave me the number and I said I would cut a body part off for that amount of downforce during the race.”

Hmm? All smiles ‘N roses today after snatching the Pole from Wilson who wound-up second provisionally - prior to his 10-spot grid penalty for an unapproved engine change after testing at Iowa.

So I wunder which body part Dashley cut off and how much weight it saved him?