Friday, June 8, 2012

Time for the WORST TV Coverage of F1 once again!

Ah, it’s the portion of the Formula 1 season I despise the most - when the Grand Prix’s switch television networks and we’re forced to endure the Dumbing Down of F1 on duh FOX network for the following four races... You know when the program length is cut by a half hour and we’re routinely forced to miss the whole TV unilateral podium drivers interview - or at best? Get  a condensed version of just the winners first take before needing to run off to either some Bossley for Men infomercial or cooking with Rapunzel; Oh Never Mind! Just be aware that the Kuhnadiun Grand Prix is on FOX instead of SPEED; ‘Whale, at least the race is. As just to play with your heads ‘N F%%K UP any chance of recording it ALL correct, my TV guide sez there’s half-hour pre and post-race shows on SPEED with a 2hr race on FOX...

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  1. It is absolutely terrible, they have commercials for F1 while you're watching F1.