Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giving yourself an edge and advantage with hid kits

 When it comes to the look of your automobile there is nothing cooler than adding some amazing looking headlights. Of the greatest lighting systems in the world there is nothing better than the high quality hid kits that you can now find at automotive and aftermarket auto parts stores.
Hid kits are created to be specially designed headlights capable of sending a blazing beam of light on anything that you come across. It is capable of protecting you better, in comparison to the standard traditional lighting like halogen bulbs, and it is also a much more attractive light to look at.
Built using a unique and specialized gas called xenon, hid kits were first invented based upon the bulbs that were created in World War II by the Germans to have better lighting for their movies. It wasn’t long before automotive engineers saw the potential that these remarkable lights could have and in 1991 BMW took the idea and applied it to the Series 7, creating the first hid bulb.
Now you can find these fantastic lights being used in self installation kits featuring just about every model you can think of from new contemporary cars to classic vehicles. You can find them for cars and trucks, and now you can even get them for motorcycles. There is no limit to what kind of automobile you can put these powerful lights on, and the benefits are substantial.
People do not realize what kind of risk they are in when they are driving with standard lighting. You are actually at a 40% higher risk of getting in a serious if not fatal accident when you are driving at night because of the limitations you have with your source of lighting. By applying the technology used in hid kits you can have a much better statistical chance against the darkness. Plus you will look super cool doing it.
Hid kits are simple to install and the light they produce gives off a color that is so unique that people are going crazy over it. Perhaps you have seen one driving down the road. This is a varying look depending upon the temperature that your lights are set to. From 4000k to 6000k you will get a light that averages between yellow and blue and is quite attractive. Anything above this temperature will create a purple light that some enjoy, but is so strong that some states have made it illegal.
If you have any doubt about the effectiveness that these bulbs have test it out by driving behind someone else who is using one. Right away you can see the incredible difference in illumination compared to what you are using and what the hid kit is producing...