Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tacoma takes the wraps off of America’s Car Museum

Smokey Yunick’s 1964 HurstFloorShiftSpecial driven by Bobby Johns. (Source: legendsofnascar.com)
So originally I’d planned to attend the Grand Opening of this wonderful new Automobile museum in Tacoma, WA - where the long awaited unveiling of the Harold E. LeMay museum is situated... But, of course ‘Aunty Harriet will most definitely want to go, which means I really won’t be able to push her in the wheelchair, eh? Not to mention of course needing a driver... Hey, I know, how ‘bout thee preferred Chauffer, nee Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen!

As I’m all fired up to go there toot sweet, primarily to see thee la Scuderia and Speedway floors - as in Ferrari’s in America and Indy 500 exhibits. As I’ve read that the 1964 Smokey Yunick Hurst Floor Shift Special is on display there, and I’m not sure if this is one of LeMay’s acquisitions or on loan from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? As perhaps this was facilitated by LeMay museum Board Member “Lone Star JR?” (Johnny Rutherford) Who apparently was busy this may giving away his boots to Dario Franchitti as enticement towards joining the three time winners club, more later - as I’ve gotta get down to Tacoma pronto!